Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Food Thing!!!!!

The food thing!Hummmm, we weighed Makala just a few weeks ago to see if we needed to take her car seat on the air plane next months and she weighed 59 pounds.... (the law is 6 and 60lbs)Then we went to therapy and got the advice on the snack box and have let that be the case---while I have noticed the constant issue about food has lessened--I weighed Makala yesterday and nearly died! She is up to 67 pounds and I think this is WAY to much to gain in such a short time!!!!!I have a call into the therapists because I think that this amount of weight in such a short time is more damaging then my controlling the food intake issues.... I do not think this is healthy weight gain it is all in her tummy she looks pregnant! We may have to reconsider this issue for sure.


Other things we are working on....Boo-Boos, just before we left on vacation we had therapy and the issues of picking scabs came up. The therapists advised me to buy boxes of band-aides and to nurture every little scrape or bump even the picked ones! (Kinda hard to do I have low tolerance of picking) But I have been doing it....and it has been oddly bonding to clean and band aid all those boo-boos every day three or four times... Maybe it is better she removes the Band-Aids all the time instead of picking them?


Taping the Tantrums--We are video tapping tantrums and have been asked to bring the tapes to therapy next time...Gee I hope this helps!

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