Friday, August 06, 2004

Psyc Ward Meeting

We met with the 'people' this morning and were advised that they do not feel meds are called for right now......but, that M was dealing with some very serious and complex issues. Poor boundries in most areas... Loss and grief and ODD were the biggest issues.

They have taken steps to have us placed on a waiting list for a Hospital University Day treatment program.... Which is 15-18 months long --very close by--and would include school and EVERYTHING! She is on the waiting list and openings are expected in September it is a five day a week program and only takes the MAJOR Holidays off....

I have our intake meeting Monday at 10 a.m.

We have been advised to keep our Attachment therapists and that the Attachment issues will also be part of her day treatment program. It is covered under the state insurance.I am feeling a little like a big blessing has been dumped on my lap so we will have to see if everything continues to be what we expect it to be.

Makala was released after dinner time. The drive home was interesting..... Mom got her and as we were driving she asked about her church group meeting on Wednesday night and what day was today? I said 'Friday.' and she realized she had missed a meeting-----then she said, "I hate you...." I just said,---"bummer" and she started talking about other things....She said, " they did NOT fixed my problems."

I said, "They weren't supposed to that is up to you and me to work on."

She said, "I don't even think they helped me."

I said, "You haven't had a tantrum in four days have you?"
She said, "NO."

I said,"Well, that looks like they helped you a lot to tantrum in four days must feel pretty good......"

We are going to do this one day at a time.....

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