Thursday, September 02, 2004

Back HOME !!!!

Our trip was fantastic!

I am so glad we went The flight in and home was great the biggest problem was Not Makala but the 2 1/2 year old!Makala was Makala the whole time and that was so nice and being with my Mom and Aunt was wonderful.... Both of them understood and helped greatly by treating me as, and allowing me to be "THE MOM" .....with so much extra support... I love them so much! Plus I was given love by people who really do love me.

There were behaviors that Aunt Terrie and mom analyzed and gave me feed back on.... Both with Makala and with myself! And we were there long enough that all the "IDEAS" they had and tried were proven effective or not. The general consensus besides the fact that the BIOS were abnormally passive and quiet children ..... was that Makala is a "little Pill--but absolutely adorable" And that We need to get a grip on things before she is a teen.... Her lovable side--her annoying side--and even THREE raging episodes were seen by well as my way of dealing with things....

Medication Makala did 'seem' to have a better grip on her moods but I didn't attribute this to the Risperdal too much as I felt it had not been long enough to build up and start working. During one of her major rages Mom suggested I use the 'emergency' dose (Risperdal M-TAB 0.5 mg) --The one the doctor told me might knock her out.... Mom and I thought we saw a nearly instant (meaning 15 - 20 mins) change in her anger and attitude... but I thought it might just be our own thinking and not the med.... As sometime it does seem like Makala can switch right over and be delightful??? We noticed that Makala seemed to have a pattern of being great one day and just off the wall the next--every other day....up and down.

TODAY--we saw Dr Joe the shrink--and he said the M-Tab should work that quick and that 15-20 mins was right to see an effect. Then he said the every other day thing is not uncommon so he has increased her daily does to 0.5 mg Regular Tablets of Risperdal. She will have a blood test Friday to check the levels in her system.WE have also added Ritalin LA 10 mg (Lowest dose Long affect) so that Makala might be able to focus on one thing for more then 3 seconds.... At our appointment today she literally played with EVERY single toy in the office for three seconds before moving on...

Dr Joe thinks starting school with the ability to focus will help her.I am liking this doctor very much! He spent a long time with me talking about the fact that RAD and Bipolar have so many of the same symptoms and that in many cases the same treatment of medications is called for.... He is 100% supportive of the other RAD therapy and he seems to know a great deal about RAD and Adoption in general. Makala likes him and sad but true she seems to be 'different' when a man is in the room so in a way this might be good for the sexualized behaviors that I honestly do not think would come out with a female doctor.

Anyway---- Dr Joe also has some recipes for foods as apparently Risperdal can affect the way that Sugar and Carbs are metabolized...? I am working in researching this because I haven't found much info on that issue.

There is tons more but that is it for now....

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