Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dealing with the Schools.

For the time being.....

We are going to just let things be at school..... We have had Dr Joe look at a 3-page 'statement' I made outlining the things we feel need to be addressed under the IEP 99% of which are behavior issues.... and have sent copies to the school--the district and that state. Apparently our 'notifying' them this way will make it less possible to have her kicked out--later should something BIG happen. Otherwise I am going to simply keep very good records of the things that go on.

It is so funny because the lead teacher for Jeremiah's EI class is also an adoptive mother her son was 7 when placed and now is 26---Anyway apparently her sons needs where the reason she ended up as a special ed teacher! She has had a great deal of contact this summer with Makala and has asked me at least three times if the school has done an IEP---when I told her the results of the last meeting she was NOT happy--so she hooked me up with the advocate. She says there is no reason not to IEP.

RAW sugar--Honey and Brown sugar---So I am slightly confused because for me it has always been very black and white--It is either Sugar or not! I guess having a best friend all my life who was type one diabetic and watching her die last year has made me miss understand what the heck the difference really is between SWEET things.....

The Oatmeal Cookies were a real winner--today I am doing Peanut butter

The Ritalin has been horrible! Either the coming down time is insane and if we give her a little more later in the day she cannot sleep at night. I am starting to feel that she does not need this med.... maybe something else but this is too high and too much for her....

The other day she came home from school and could not shut her mouth....when we went to pick up Jeremiah she was talking 90 miles an hour telling a story as we walked down the hall--parts to one person--parts to another--parts to no one????? It was like she was OUT OF CONTROL and in Overdrive!

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