Wednesday, September 08, 2004

This summer has new meaning for mom

Summer is usually the best time of the year for me..... I love summer.....and hope to forget this past one as the years go forward! Right now the First Day of School is the BEST day of the year....

School OR Day Treatment

We are on the waiting list for the Day Treatment program and it is unclear how long the wait will be so in the meantime we were advised to send her to school as usual. I had been in contact with the school over the summer and I requested a teacher with at least a 'passing interest' in the issues of children who are adopted. As well as someone who WILL email, call, send notes home and otherwise communicate with us. I have a meeting for an IEP tomorrow.

I have also made it very clear to Makala that ANY PROBLEM on the BUS in ANYWAY her fault or anyone else's fault she will ride to and from with me....ONE STRIKE--ONE CHANCE.

Attachment Therapy
It seems that both the Attachment therapists and the psychiatrist are in MORE agreement then not about Everything lately so for now we are planning to keep on going to both.

I honestly think there has been an improvement with the medications. The intensity around here has gone WAY down...

I am learning that apparently the kidneys can be effected by the Risperdal and that CARBS and Sugars are processed differently with the use of this medication. The psychiatrist and I talked about Fruit and the sugars they have and this kind of sugar is NOT the fact he wants us to offer her as much fruit as she wants.

We made one drawer in the Fridge a 'snack' drawer so that she can access the Oranges, apples, grapes, pears and plums. I am also stocking the drawer with String Cheese and sugar free apple sauce and I have discovered some of the Low Carb foods out now are pretty good substitues as the main thing they do is ditch the sugars! So we have reduced CARB yougarts.

The psychiatrist gave me an Oat Meal Rasin Cookie directions using Splenda and whole grain flur instead of the white--This seems to be WELL liked by everyone. We are supposed to increase her protiens and watch Fats. Breakfast is now about eggs and other non-sugar foods. Anyway---it is busy here I have two college kids getting ready to go off this weekend so I am helping Both have decided NOT to live in the dorms this year (that should be interesting) and there appears to be a fight about who gets the new printer.....urggg.

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