Sunday, October 10, 2004

A Calm period or a New Normal?

Well, be it the medication or the therapy things have seemed to calm down very much.

The rages are NOT happening---she still argues and wants her own way and will still do anything she can to get what she wants--but I have not seen a full blown rage since August! Which honestly feels like ten years..... There have been "moments" but it seems she is able to talk herself down a bit and that is sooooo nice.

We have managed to keep her weight down with the diet.... But, I have to confess the healthy foods are very expensive compared to buying a bunch of junk! And on top of it all it is pretty clear that baby brother's system cannot deal with very much Splenda so I am having to be sure I keep regualar yougart and regular juice for him....

Next week is school conference. I cannot wait. The teacher called and asked to switch my time to one where we could go over the 20-mins allotted and use at least an hour!!! I don't know if that is for my sake or if there is going to be some kind of big news.

The only real EVENT of this week was the Tuesday Play date.... URG. We just found out some of our neighbors about three blocks away are not only in our same age group but adopted children from Korea -- or China as new borns they are 7 and 4 so we possibly have some NEW friends!!!!

Anyway---I spent some time talking with the mom on Monday and let her know some of the issues that Makala has---and we planned a play date for Tuesday. After the school bus dropped her off I walked with her down to the other families house...We all agreed that in One hour I would come get Makala and we would go get the baby from pre-school...Everything was clear even Makala should have understood.

We have always been real clear that she is not permitted to walk out of our Cul-de-sac and that she must be able to see our front door while she rides her bike...and she KNOWS THE RULES.

The other mother and I decided it would be a good idea if she gave Makala a 10-min and a 5-min warning that I was on my way--Hopefully, to avoid the blow outs she often has when things come to an end....So the other mother gave her the warnings.... I got in my car and started to drive when what did my eyes see?

Makala walking around the corner into our street! Like no big deal. I put her in the car and we went to the friends house...the mother was in a complete panic...holding her phone and nearly crying....she said she looked up and Makala was GONE!

Apparently M just walked right out the front door and didn't even say good bye ....and walked home.... ..............................and she knew better...................but 'FELT like it" the play dates for the rest of the week were cancelled and we spent a long time learning the RULES again.

Thankfully the other mother is actually open to more play dates!

Girl Scout training was fun.....found out I didn't have to go---don't have to reapply again either--been a leader for 10 years so they have what they need to check me out..... it should be interesting... It was nice to have a whole Saturday without kids.

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