Saturday, November 20, 2004

RAD--an interesting part of a daily life...

The thing about actually doing the Attachment Therapy is that some of the issues we might have calked up to skill and ability really boils down the RAD!!!!

you see, I would have been going nuts trying everything I possible could in order to 'HELP' the sweet little girl catch on and learn how to read....... IF, she hadn't so brilliantly displayed the fact that SHE IS DOING JUST FINE! Of course, you would NEVER think so if you were in our home at reading time...and tried to indure the painful sounding out of each and every letter written on the page--or the fact that on one page she gets the word which on the next page seems to be so painfully difficult....

in this case it really honestly is RAD Minipulation and boy does it look and sound and feel soooooo sincere. On onlooker would actually wonder if she wasn't retarted! And it became such a painful ordeal that it was simply hard not to mack her.... ....Ma...K.....a....L.....a....... g..g...g...g...i?..i?...E...t ....ready foooooooor .... b...b...d...b...ed! Painfull

but with the therapists she read a Dr. Suse book with great ease with hardly a moment of sounding out any single letter--as if she read the book ten times before!

so the Reading Problems are not really as bad as we were thinking--it is the RAD problem that made the whole thing so painful. By not playing this game for awhile--it won't be a game to be we will simply focuse on some more creative ways to try to learn reading....and support her

We play MEMORY with her sight words.... And a Scavenger Hunt in the house for the next clue....with written instructions.... CAR BINGO is fun and we expanded that to spell words.... and now Daddy is playing Hang Man and it has gone over pretty well.

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