Saturday, November 20, 2004

RAD--an interesting part of a daily life...

The thing about actually doing the Attachment Therapy is that some of the issues we might have calked up to skill and ability really boils down the RAD!!!!

you see, I would have been going nuts trying everything I possible could in order to 'HELP' the sweet little girl catch on and learn how to read....... IF, she hadn't so brilliantly displayed the fact that SHE IS DOING JUST FINE! Of course, you would NEVER think so if you were in our home at reading time...and tried to indure the painful sounding out of each and every letter written on the page--or the fact that on one page she gets the word which on the next page seems to be so painfully difficult....

in this case it really honestly is RAD Minipulation and boy does it look and sound and feel soooooo sincere. On onlooker would actually wonder if she wasn't retarted! And it became such a painful ordeal that it was simply hard not to mack her.... ....Ma...K.....a....L.....a....... g..g...g...g...i?..i?...E...t ....ready foooooooor .... b...b...d...b...ed! Painfull

but with the therapists she read a Dr. Suse book with great ease with hardly a moment of sounding out any single letter--as if she read the book ten times before!

so the Reading Problems are not really as bad as we were thinking--it is the RAD problem that made the whole thing so painful. By not playing this game for awhile--it won't be a game to be we will simply focuse on some more creative ways to try to learn reading....and support her

We play MEMORY with her sight words.... And a Scavenger Hunt in the house for the next clue....with written instructions.... CAR BINGO is fun and we expanded that to spell words.... and now Daddy is playing Hang Man and it has gone over pretty well.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

RAD and Reading--what a SCAM!

WE JUST got home from Therapy!!!!! Very fun morning to say the least!

Today we talked about school and the fact that daddy and I are having a terrible time with the READING homework and it seems like she is simply NOT learning to do it....or something??? WELL--the therapists pulled out a book and guess what???? Makala can read just fine so long as it is not mom or dad trying to HELP her!!!! HOW RADISH IS THAT!!!!!

Not sure how I feel about the advice we have to work with the next few weeks but, have to trust the therapist a little on this.... She suggests that we give it a try every night with our job in the area of reading--BUT that if Makala is not interested in doing her best we can quit trying and tell her that she can learn at school....then make sure we spend time reading to Jeremiah and teaching him his ABC's.... and wait for Makala to get envious... because she will..... At the same time therapists suggest we play some games like Hang Man and Scavenger hut with words for clues.... trick her into learning to read but not make it so obvious that we are doing something we have to do because the school says we have to....????

anyway an interesting point of view... Makala knows we are supposed to be responsible EVERYNIGHT to spend 20 mins reading with her.....and it has become one of the most painful 20 mins of our lives.... Trying to help her is literally PAINFUL to our ears......and it is so hard not to mock or get angry when she actually tries to convince us she does not know what the simply letters "A" is.... I am 'A' Fool!

Some discussion on neurological delays and its effects helped me today...and learning that MANY RAD kids are Kinetic learners has given me a road to research... We have also discussed the option of holding her back a year which truthfully I am not crazy over---

We did have the chance to have her admitted to day treatment...I had thought we had lost this option a month or two ago but found out we have not...And because we have found a good doctor the day treatment center is keeping her on the list....because they will hold her spot to see how medications are doing.... Then last week I thought again I had to decide once and for all....but, no we have until January to make our last choice---if meds keep working then we won't go that route--however we do have a few more months to see.... I think if it comes down to holding her back first grade we will go for the day treatment as they do school work and would transition her back into school 24 months later...I would rather not have her held back...she is so tall already and would tower over everyone even more then she does today!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Learning to Read.

I know that I didn't read in the first grade---but my oldest son and Tori did....

As for why I am concerned EVERY day she brings a small 'READER' home from school and is supposed to read it with us.... and the teacher has a list of about 25 words that are 'sight words' and feels by this time Makala should have all of these words mastered because supposedly they learned the same sight words last year.... Makala can only read 2-3 of them and usually guesses and is mostly wrong.....

I have not become over concerned at this point because I know how hard it was for me to learn to read---but, I also know the school is expecting this.....and she is now in the slow reading group or whatever the PC word for that group is today...

The thing I am most concerned about with her is that she does not believe that things are consistent... She does not trust that Tuesday always comes after Monday--or that 11 is after 10 or that the word 'THE' is always 'THE'. That is the part that is bugging me the most----no matter how often I tell her the days of the week NEVER change she does not trust it---No matter how often we tell her that bedtime is 8:00 and that is after 7:59 she seems to think that something magic will change it?

We attended her first grade Sunday School event two weeks ago and all the children in her class were supposed to read a passage and she was the only child who could not?

so again I have no idea if I am expecting too much or if I am judging too hard or if she is still falling in the low normal or what? Time for another meeting I suppose!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Nice time in our home.

Well--overall we are still seeing great improvements in most every way.... Attachment therapy has expanded and Jeremiah is attending every other week.... Everyone involved with Makala is feeling that the RAD is improving and that the medications are helping her greatly.

Overall I am feeling more attached and more emotionally connected to her. Recently I have expereinced several moments of what I call the hot flash of love wash over me--which is something I had not been expereincing even though I completely love her.

We have been refered to a Neirological (sp?) Specialist for a battery of testing to be done. Everyone always seems to "think" Makala must have a hearing problem is it may be some form of audio deslexia actually. She is having a very difficult time learning to read--and seems to think that things might not always be the same one day to the next--she simply is not catching on... So we are going to investigate the possible learning issues, and other things that may be causing her problems.

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