Friday, January 28, 2005

End of Week #3-Day Treatment

Week Three a week for learning new Words.
I really cannot believe it has only been three weeks.... I can see so much improvement in so many areas.

This Week During My Meeting time:She is doing very well at school and is mostly pretty easy to deal with so they do use tips from what I write to make her plans for her. Many children can do well when and maintain at school so not unusual. Everyone knows that Makala is very bright. We are pinpointing different issues and learning to give things WORDS . Naming different behaviors and actions and directing our words to the behavior and not make her feel like she is just all bad.

Triangulation= Splitting the Staff (Parents)
Baby Talk = Using her baby Words.
Tantrum/Rage = Not keeping her body safe.


1--Time Out set up for both kids. Instead of standing or sitting in a chair we are using two different SPOTS with a mat. Time out is getting your self in control while you are on the mat. Less concern about the 1 min for a year in age issue. Start with getting under control--If they get under control then end it--no restarting if they get under control and then start to Fall Out.... Getting a grip is the important skill right now.

2--Practice When the kid has a problem 'GETTING-IT' it is okay to make them practice until they do. If they will not go to time out--they can practice 5-10 times a day.... If cleaning up toys is a problem they can practice it several times. If they wont put on a coat they can practice putting on a coat several times in a row....

How We SAY Things: "I am giving you my words Makala" My words say if you want the treat you must first eat the healthy thing.

If you are going to make your words Mean then it may be time for a break

I gave you my words and it seems like you decided not to listen I am giving you my words one ore time and I expect you to listen and ask if you have any questions.

My words stay the same. Arguments and not keeping your body safe (rages/tantrums/hurting others) will not change my words to you.

Different Kids=Different Problems.

Focus of the Week: To work on the use of the language and enforce the 'time out' rule with Both children consistently.

Makala has been mad and not happy about the fact that EVERYONE is now reporting directly to ME. EVERYONE. There is NO GRAY AREAS it is my way or it is not anyway at all.

Today inspired by the book 99 Ways to drive you Kid Sane I will be putting a star sticker on my cheek every time Makala does something the first time I ask....and a Start on my arm when I ask twice and a start on my leg when I ask more then that....I won't explain until the end of the day when we see where the starts are at.....

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