Friday, February 11, 2005

One Month in Day Treatment--Update

One Month with 17-23 left to go
Well--This week is back to the better side of thing.... Bottom line NO ONE ever told us this was going to be a walk in the PARK--Thank Goodness for the times when it is calmer..... :eek: ......course, As I typed that I know the ride will change again.....WONDER WHAT THE NEW RIDE WILL BE?????

To Update:
The Sexualized behaviors have died down this week YIPPY! and I have given great thought to some of the things WE know about RAD kids....and that part of them that always needs to be "Thinking" about something to DO to create Something to make the parents CRAZY!

I have decided that when Makala says she "just cannot stop thinking about private parts or what getting married might be like...." That I have a CHANCE to give HER something ELSE to THINK about!

So this week we (parents) are adding some mystery to HER life..... Things for her to sit and wonder all about...Things for her to guess--and try to figure this is actually kinda fun.

We are reading Nancy Drew Books...a Chapter every night. We are doing scavenger hunts in the house....Spending time figuring out a big puzzle and Mom and Dad are trying to be more PLAYFUL....

Seems to be helping her a lot.... give her brain things to ponder instead. and We are spending our time trying to be more creative and we are thinking about OTHER things too instead of getting to a HOPELESS state of doom this has been a good thing.

My Anger Control Issues

So at my meeting I discussed the Balloon Popping incident that my husband said he felt was not OK and was scary to him and Jeremiah..... And I made myself open that possible I should seek help and get anger management and see the school ADULT therapist to get ME under control......HA!

Guess, What?

Next week the day treatment plans on getting some Balloons for the Children to USE when they FEEL angry because-----ANGER IS SCARY----and popping balloons is a great way to be SAFE and let it out....

SO THERE!!!!!!!

Medication Changes

Yesterday we saw the medication Shrink....and updated that the Day Treatment was the BEST choice I have ever made in my life..... That our problems were that OUR little Girl was NOT ready to go out into the world without someone who CARED about here with her....

We have reduced the Risperdol in Half! going to see what happens to the MOOD swings and if this medication is the reason we see SHORTER Rages or if she is starting to heal from the RAD.... Over time we will eventually remove this from the medication and see if her issues are more Bipolar or RAD stuff....YEAH because the weight gain and diet is really a pain in the neck especially the Finances!

We are working on the issues of the Adoption Subsidy and planning to ASK for the RESITE care But we want to do so in the best possible way and not have to fight for I am still working on this.... We need to find qualified people who understand the issues and NOT have to depend on family and friends....

Anyway------see you later when something else pops up!

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