Saturday, February 05, 2005

Over reation--PMS--???

My letter is really still a draft so that I can attempt to be sure we have everything properly documented. I am seeing that there are people scattered around who have pieces of the whole story and that there are possible gaps within each place documentation may be taking place.... I don't want to send my letter until it makes good sense and doen't sound I am planning on putting together one big fat document of everything and filing it with someone...

Between my own datebook and notes, the posts here and the various therapists and doctors I am feeling like there is NOT one general timeline of that is my project for the rest of this week.

I was concerned yesterday at the meeting when I was told they "HAD to Document" the conversation they had with her last week. I was concerned that it came accross to them that my husband lies around in boxers with his XYZ hanging out.... So I feel very concerned that ALL the info is recorded in ONE place.

I have too many words in my letter (what's new) so I plan to work on it this weekend.... make copies of everything I can put together and take them to the day treatment--and DHS office....

In the past I have often worried sometimes about being so open here--but right now the thing I do see is that my history and words have been documented--time stamed and not been able to be edited after an at least much of it is sort of documented.

My Mom woke me up at 5 am this morning with a call--she and my aunt were up half the night worried.... They personally want us to put her in residintal care ASAP until I can be sure nothing will hurt my husband and sons..... Hard to hear this from the dead of sleep.

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