Monday, February 07, 2005

Strange events on a Sunday

The weekend was mostly uneventful no big issues...I guess that really bothered Princess she created something....

I was talking on the phone with a friend and Andrew was working on the we were NOT staring at the kids....Guard down I suppose due to the weekend being pretty OK....

Anyway--Suddenly Makala starts screaming that Jeremiah has been hurt very bad.

In our main room we have the kitchen/dining/family room and we were all in there.... the Gas Fireplace was on and Makala said Jeremiah stood on a toy and burned his legs.... No real burn at all he just got warm....

Makala was sweet--ran and got ice....and put stickers on his legs and was just the sweetes big sister....

Later Jeremiah said: "KA owie my legs" I said WHAT? Show me.... He said..."Ka Up" And showed me she had lifted him up and put his chins on the vent at the top of the glass....remember that he really was not burned...

Makala said he was lying.... We asked her to show us how he did that....of course she couldn't.....I asked if she was lying...she swor she was not...So I told her to go get her Bible and we would pray to God that she was not lying---She fessed right up (I guess Hell scares her????)

I asked her WHY?

She said--"Jeremiah needed attention and I wanted to help him."

HUH?...................What? So she hurt him to be his hero.... Basically she said that was what she did.....?

I am sorry but this one seems like menatl illness to me.

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