Thursday, May 05, 2005

Update and Great News!

About three weeks ago we took Makala off all the medications except the Clonidine which we wanted to keep until after we get back from the Big Vacation to Disneyland.....

I have to say I was rather worried the Rages would come back after we dropped the Risperdal and in fact we did see some return of the tantrums....the basic drop to the floor and chanting over and over.... BUT--this time around I simply don't have as much energy to address these tantrums and told Makala that Jeremiah is 3 years old and he is at the age where tantrums are pretty common and honestly I don't have time for hers.....besides, now they seem pretty funny because she is so big and well.....too old to act that way! She had a few more attempts and eventually I told her that I am just not going to go there with her and if she decided to try to have a tantrum she is going to have a time now she should realize that a Tantrum will simply NEVER get her what she wants so she needs to find a new way to get the things she wants the most....and a tantrum is just not going to do it!

It must be working because after two or three time outs....I have not seen a tantrum in the past several days!

I had my weekly meeting at Day treatment and was HAPPY because the case team is talking about the fact that Makala is catching up--wants to follow the rules and things seem to be going so much better! The original plan was to have her continue day treatment for 20 months and start 3rd grade in regular school.... WELL--now there is discussion about having her transition into regular school after Christmas and 12 months! Unless there is some huge blow out or return of odd things!

That means she would be back in the second grade.... Day treatment has been a great blessing but it is real clear that education is not the main focus and well--we would like her to NOT fall too far behind!

I am feeling much better! Anyway, more later right now Jeremiah and I have a Mom-Son Tea party to attend!

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