Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Long time Between My entries....

Well It has been a few weeks since my last entry. We have returned from Disneyland and as much Fun as it was...there were FEW--but, noticable behavior issues with are darling little girl!

I have the hardest time believing that something as simple as attachment will result is these kinds of behaviors YET--this is the advice I get and the support I have is all about the fact that Attachment is the issue.

It seems like WHEN we are having a NICE time and induldging our children the most--the behaviors become the most upsetting. It is almost like we can NEVER GIVE enough to have peace and happiness.

There were three striking examples of this during our Trip.

The first was the first night at Disneyland when we walked into one of the Glass Shops and I realized it was NOT a good idea as Makala was squatting down handling some delicate glass that cost a few hundered dollars... I carefully come up behind her and removed the item from her hand and set it back on the shelf and told her we needed to leave--she got upset and ELBOWED me in the ribs.....ohhhhhh I was HOT over that one!

The second day we went to California Adventure and there is a wilderness area with Fun physical activities a tire swing ride and rope bridges and trails--lots of fun stuff. Makala decided to do the SAME activitiy over and over while daddy and Jeremiah explored the whole area. Eventually, the boys were done and we said--OK it is time to move on. Well, Makala got very mad because she had spent her time doing one thing and Jeremiah had seen the whole place twice..... We explained to Makala that she made the choice to do the same thing over and over and now we were finished.... She was MAD and as we walked out--she reached down and YANKED our a Plant!

The third day (and the last) we were in a line and behind us was a Marine and his son about the same age as Makala. Mom and Dad got a little distracted talking to the Marine about his experince in Iraq and a few moments later the Marine's son started crying like a Girl (very upsetting for the Marine) apparently Makala wanted to SEE his Toy he had in His hand and when he wouldn't let her look at it--she pinched his finger--The boy thought he was injured very badly and Makala thought he should have let her have what she wanted....Thankfully the Marine was more embarrassed that his son was screaming like a Girl then the fact that OUR Daughter had assulted his son!

This beavior is very much making me upset and I honestly Don't GET IT?

On another subject--Jeremiah is now pushing 3 and a half--and My gosh is he becoming a handfull. We are considering putting him in the Younger group at the Day Treatment Center because he is either learning from his sister or this stuff is Genetic? I honestly cannot get over how many of his behaviors are carbon copies of his sisters routine....URGH the chanting over and over has started with baby brother..... Either learned or by nature it is the worst for US....Oh well--here is to our unusual summer--because Makala has the same routine she had all year--school!

Anna--one more day down and lord knows how many more?

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