Thursday, July 28, 2005

....the constant efforts

Well, this morning I do feel a lot better! It is so hard to stay consistent all the time and not let up on it. But, Makala is the kind of kid that if you let anything go once--she assumes this means that she has expressed permission to do the same things any time she wants in the future! UGH!

For example the other night she was so helpful putting things away after dinner and I watched her put the Blueberries away and as she did so she took a small handful of blueberries out and ate them... No Big deal right? Except that not 10 mins later I turned around and saw her getting two HUGE handfuls of blueberries out of the Fridge! WHY?--well I had not corrected her on the first time that I saw her take some so therefore that means that she can take more again and as many as she wants whenever she wants!

Seems reasonable to me!

The fact is that with this kid I have to BUST her every time NO Matter how silly it seems! AND this is HARD because I end up feeling like a bitch all the time--Nag Nag Nag and never letting her take an inch! I drive myself crazy because I am always ON HER because one time getting away with something seems to mean she can just do it all the time and geeeeeeeee will this ever change?

It seems to go right along with the selective memory. Makala can remember that I ran a red light 2 years ago but not that we have told her 3000 times that KIDs are NOT allowed in the Garage! Or that every night we brush out teeth! She can remember that ONE time I did not say anything about getting a few blueberries but she cannot remember that I have said WE NEVER GIVE THE NEW KITTEN A BATH!

Personally, this is driving me CRAZY! If anyone reading this journal has any ideas to HELP I would love your comments! Please feel free to Comment on this Journal on any entry about ANYTHING! If your input won't help me I am sure it will help someone else!

Some of these issues have taken so long to identify as issues or problems. I cannot believe how long it has taken to GET to Know this child and what makes her tick! It has been 2 and a half years and I still feel like there are days when I do NOT know what she is all about!

...........anyway I am concerned about the Swimming this afternoon. I have NOT taken Makala around too many NORMAL kids due to never knowing What the Heck she might do or say! I can hardly keep a friendship up with anyone who has children. My VERY best friend from High School has Twin daughters age 6 and so far our children have NOT met or played together.... How paranoid am I? But, I would sure hate to have a 25 year old friendship lost because my daughter did something crazy to my friends twins! YIKES!

Hopefully, limited and directly supervised activities will help? I guess today will be the first test of this idea. Please hope and pray that my beautiful daughter behaves properly today!

Anyway, I am off to work a little bit on the website! Wow is that a ton of work and moving so much slower then I ever thought it would move!

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