Monday, July 18, 2005

What a Weekend!

I have no idea what to think anymore? Now that the medications are done I am more concerned then ever. I just can't believe how much control a child the age of 7 can have in a family. It blows my mind.

If I sat around and wrote the truth of my days it would take another day to write it. I can hardly even keep a list or remember from one hour to the next.

I do remember Friday night!

It might be a night I never forget!

When I am OLD and have Alzheimer's I will REMEMBER This!
It was 10:00 PM. and after one long day of one thing after another--one lie after another--one crisis after another Makala was STILL awake an hour and a half after bedtime....still getting up...still trying to bother her little brother....still trying to catch the kitty....still telling lies every time she was found out of bed...How much pee can a 7 year old hold and measure out in one eventing? Apparently gallons....

................anyway, after many reminders and many times of letting Makala know that she needed to mind or she would lose a toy Mom had enough and went in to take a toy for one more time out of bed--and Makala FREAKED! She instantly went into a RAGE because mom dared to take away the Box of some doll she had got 6 months ago but for whatever reason the Box (TRASH) was Special and Important---It WAS NOT EVEN A TOY!

She went right to the routine of flipping her body around like a fish out of water and screaming at the top of her lungs...thrashing like someone was poking her with a hot stick! And it HAPPENED!

She threw herself backward so hard that when she did HIT her head on the bed it busted a gash 2 inches long in the back of her head! I didn't even want to deal with it--the getting special attention for the self inflicted injury--but there was too much blood and it was a head injury and well a Good Mother does not allow her child to bleed to death or have head injuries go we rushed to the emergency room.

At least 15 different people at the hospital felt the need to question Makala....I think maybe even the Janitor came in to get her story. Thank God she told the Truth this time...because I am sure they were looking in my van for the blunt instrument while we were inside.... I just remained calm and gave them the business card for Day Treatment--and their own hospital records should have pulled up the fact that only exactly one YEAR ago they held her for two days on a PSYC Hold before getting her over to the Children's Hospital for a real PSYC eval....
The choice was shave a baseball size spot on her head and have stitches or clean it up and have staples! She thankfully took the Staples 8 of them....right on the back of her head....I think we got home around 2 a.m. from the Hospital...

Great timing too given that the first nice warm day of summer was Saturday! and she could not swim and I felt it was a real bad idea to do too much out in the hot sun.... It just never ends.
Saturday her head hurt too bad for her to think of too many ways to control our lives...we actually had a pretty nice day and took a family sight seeing drive up the Gorge and had dinner in a cute little Grill in a Town we are thinking of moving to. Found our dream home and then realized that it was in a different state so what would we do about Day treatment? and all the other services???? looks LIKE WE NEED TO WAIT!

Sunday was HELL again. First thing that happened is mom heard dad yelling "No--No" in the back yard and looked out in time to watch Makala push Jeremiah into the little pool....Something WE have told her for the THIRD summer in a ROW you cannot do to ANYONE! Something she should have learned LAST Year at swim lessons....Whatever....
It was very HOT on Sunday so great to do the cleaning and care on the head injury on the patio with some warm water and the garden hose too.... It was actually one of the nice moments of the day.

A few hours later apparently the plumbing in the upstairs bathroom Burs ted under the sink and then fixed itself....Magic....actually, it was a balloon she filled with water and tossed under the sink and then called us for help because our pipes apparently burst and then fix themselves.... We have a MAGIC home....Lately there are Fires that need put out but magically go away when we go to check....

I am NOT too strong this WEEK.

It is sooooooo hard to NOT feel like giving up on her completely.
I was NOT a great mom Sunday. I most likely said things that are not OK for a mom to say..... But I hit my limit when I found the baby in Makala's closet telling me sissy pulled his pants down...she says she didn't---who knows---he is three and who knows anymore? It does not take two seconds to molest a little child and she didn't have much time...It isn't like she and Jeremiah were really even alone....I was right there in the Hall cleaning up another mess someone had made.

With all the heat we found out that Makala has destroyed the Screen in her bedroom....and one in the Living in the Family room and the sliding door screen all have rips and holes and are trash....But according to Makala monkeys must have broken into the house and ripped up all the screens....She didn't do it of course... At bedtime she threw a freaking fit again because Jeremiahs room got the LARGER FAN because his window cannot be opened more then a few inches due to safety concerns.... She couldn't be happy with the Fan she had.....couldn't be happy with anything....Wouldn't go to sleep again...It was after midnight this time and she was still up chasing the kitty and getting into things....

Dad and Mom Actually had a FIGHT! Both of us are so tired of the crap and so tired of telling her everything 20 times before she even acts like she hears us....and then simply continues to find a way to do whatever wants to do...

She is becoming a more talented liar. A better Sneak and absolutely will not take responsibility for her own actions no matter how busted she is..... We can even have it on TAPE and she will deny it to the bitter end.....

This morning-Monday-I told her that effective tomorrow that she will be getting up at 6:00.a.m. to get ready and do some chores before school. If that is not early enough I will get her out of bed at 5 a.m. Whatever it takes she is going to be tired by 8:30.
I am sick of putting life on hold waiting for her to 'get-it'
Usually, I feel better after I vent....Not today.

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