Saturday, August 06, 2005

School was Great Today and Home is not too bad...

It does appear to be bothering Makala that she cannot be trusted to be safe around Jeremiah. Right now the ONLY place Makala can be is in her room or Where I can See her at all times.....It is NOT always as much fun when you are being watched all the time....
We have had three time outs so far today...... and the have become progressively longer in time.
I have to be totally in control and push EVERY single issue. Today mom said, lets all fold this load of laundry and put everything away and then we can get swim suits on .... Makala vanished and reappeared with her swim suit on....

So Mom had her go back put on her clothes and then we all folded and put away the laundry before going out to play in the water.

The time outs have been all about control sitting on something Jeremiah wants to play with or putting the dang Picnic Chair into the little pool AGAIN even after she was told NOT to just yesterday. And she got a third time out for raging and NOT getting up to take the second time out. She tantrumed and cried and Chanted until I told her that any more noise would be more minutes on the time out....she pushed it and got more minutes....and then more.

I asked her to breath deeply and LISTEN to my words this time...."If you continue to make noise I will put you in your room until dinner. Nothing is going to take time off this time out and the next step WILL BE your room." .....she whimpered but did get herself under control.

After the time out the kids went back to play in the water and Makala ran in to get a rubber band...BUT even without me Asking she said, "One of my rubber bands fell out of my hair and I need to get a new one." Which would have been fine if it had been TRUE. But it was not true she wanted a rubber band to hold towel and I most likely would have given it to her--BUT she thought she HAD to LIE?????

I told her that I didn't understand why she would have to Lie about such a crazy thing because there was NO Reason for it. Had she shared her plan or idea with me I would have had NO PROBLEM with her using a rubber band and the fact she lied it the problem! URGH!
anyway....that is the highlight of my afternoon so far......

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