Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Summer goes on....

Wow--for the first time in nearly three years I feel a little NORMAL! For once I feel depressed about things that are NOT happening in MY HOME! Namely the Hurricane and suffering that so many people are dealing with! I feel for once in the longest time that I can actually pray and worry about something that is NOT happening to ME.

I guess this might be a sign that our family and our life is starting to return to some kind of normal and that my life is not consumed with dealing with the situations we have been in a vacuum! I have not been so touched by the outside world in so long as I have this week. I just wish there was something--anything--that I could do to help some of these people affected by this disaster!

I gave blood for the first time in nearly three years yesterday! The Red Cross always wants my blood because it is O negative and universal. It was the only thing I feel I could offer under the circumstances.

Anyway...... it feels odd to think that a disaster makes me aware that my problems are SMALL compared to the suffering of others. I cannot think of ANYTHING to complain about here today! My home is dry, my family is safe and my life is NORMAL and there are simply too many people who are suffering for me to use this space to vent or blubber about problems that are not life and death.

Today I just ask that any of us who are dry and safe and have homes, and jobs to go to pray and donate what we can to help others in what appears to be the most horrible natural disaster I have witnessed in my lifetime. A pint of blood--or $5.00 is needed by those who cannot sit at their computer today and go on and on about the trails of life and parenting......God Bless these families and communities that face this horror!

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