Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday Morning and the sun is shinning!

ok, I do feel a little better this morning. Yesterday was NOT horrible nothing major anyway....but, there was still the constant argument and name calling and fingers in the ears when I tried to talk which really RIPS my Shorts.

I wanted to spank her butt so bad! but only talked about What would have happened when I was a KID! And when I was a kid I can tell you that I would have been knocked through a WALL if I had even thought about talking to my parents the way she seems to think she can talk to ME!

Anyway.......after being told (screamed at) at least 5 times to "Shut-up" and a rough argumentative afternoon Makala was sent to her room early (to spare her life! ) And she asked if she could show me that she could stay in her room without the alarm and I said, "OK we will try it." So she named one of her dolls Jeremiah and started talking to the doll...which was really about attracting her brother to her room because he kept hearing his name said!

so I eventually had to put the alarm on her door.... and she screamed like someone beat her anyway.....and eventually gave up and went to sleep

and I finally made the Margaretta's I got supplies to make three weeks ago I had two and passed out! ummmmm Margaretta's reminds me of HOME--San Diego! yummy! It will be at least another 6 months before I can look at booze again I really just cannot make myself like it more then twice a year..... God knows I have tried twice to become an alcoholic but, never make it past the second drink!

any-who today is shopping day and this week I hope I don't blow the whole weekly budget in one day! I see some BIG-Time inflation at the grocery store lately and blew my hole budget last week in three hours! Time to get back to my coupon cutting and bargain hunting!

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