Thursday, August 11, 2005

We started the new Medication--Abilify 5MG

I was able to get somewhat caught up from my lost time on Tuesday. After School (Day Treatment) yesterday M was on "Picked Plans" with mom until Mom catches up with the things she couldn't do on Tuesday because of all the problems....Like finishing the shopping with Jeremiah BEFORE M got home and then making the Peach Jam mom planned to make on Wednesday morning but couldn't because Mom had to do the things she couldn't do Tuesday!

M went to Church group last night because she didn't have much chance to get into trouble because Mom had picked her plans and they didn't offer much opportunity to get into any trouble.

As far as I know last night the ONLY issue we had was ONE LIE!

At the meeting on Tuesday I talked about how I had told M that I know sometimes she might have lied to me or someone else and everyone believed her--but, that getting away with a lie here and there is NOT a great way to live her life... That I am sure she has pulled the wool over my eyes once or twice but, she really should not count on it.

The Treatment staff thought that was a BAD choice of Words because it gives M ideas that sometimes she can get away with her lies... But I personally think it goes without being said that SOMETIMES she gets one past us....I don't think pretending we don't know this is true does any good? She has to be smart enough to notice that she gets away with lies here and there and not talking about that seems like it would just be a secret in her heart and give her more power. I think it is far better to state the FACT that I am sure she has gotten away with many lies but that the RISKS should be enough to tell herself she would rather not try?

Maybe I am wrong but I know when I think that I can get away with something I am more apt to try it. And having this just be some thought in the mind that once in awhile I don't get caught means I might try more often...Why pretend it is NOT a True Fact. The truth is that I am sure she gets away with more lies then I know of...and pretending I don't know that fact means she does and will keep trying.

The Treatment staff feels this gives her an idea that sometimes she gets away with it.....I think she is smart enough to have figured it out already and I would rather tell her I know how it works!

Anyway, I do hope this new med works I have not done any research yet so plan to today.....and still thinking about the Adoption Assistance and revising our requests to include Respite Care... It takes sooooooo long for me to get some of the simplest things done lately!

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