Friday, August 05, 2005

When the Smoke Clears....

Yesterday was back to "normal", well NORMAL is a relative term so by that I mean--what we have come to accept as Normal.

Still rough and I still have to be on top of EVERYTHING but at least no one was molested or heard some strange thing come out of Makala's mouth. That would be a good day all things considered lately.....

Yesterday I started using "Progressive Time-Out's" The first time out was 7 mins.....the second time out was 15 mins, the third time out was 30 mins....and so on and so on.... I simply have been telling Makala that the whole IDEA of a time out or any consequences it that it is supposed to be sooooooo terrible that a person decides it is just BETTER NOT to GET INTO TROUBLE in the First Place!

...............and because it does not seem that a 7 min time out is enough trouble that Makala decides to make the best choices Mom will have to work hard and find which consequence is BAD enough that Makala will try all the time NOT to have to face that consequence!

............................and if Makala wants to have "Negative Attention" then FINE by ME because Negative Attention is FREE and I can spend all day long doing that if she wants--besides I like to save money and negative attention is no big costs...Not like going someplace or doing something we can have fun doing.

Overall I feel much better today! I had a long bath last night and got another great night of sleep. Jeremiah is at pre-school until Noon and I am busy doing the things I LIKE TO DO! I think I have most of my energy and HAPPY back now and I can keep on keeping on at least for another while---who knows how long but that is the BEST we can do right now!

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