Monday, November 21, 2005

Life is starting to Feel Normal--Maybe?

I have thought twice about this entry. It seems whenever I say things are getting back to normal something happens which makes me eat those words.
But, I do have to say that it really seems things around our home are much more normal even with the typical behaviors of children age 3 and 7.

I don't expect any kind of perfection because as a parent I believe there is always something to be worried about or working to improve.

Day treatment is talking about moving Makala back to regular school after Spring Break. Originally the goal was to start the 3rd grade back in mainstream so this is a little sooner than the original goal.

Makala is having a difficult time finding other children she wants to interact with at day treatment. She is bugging the adults half to death and it is hard to NOT have compassion because over all Makala doesn't have much in common with the other children.

After Thanksgiving day treatment is expanding and there will be three class rooms with 9 children instead of 12. Makala's case manager is excited because she will move into the oldest group and he feels this change will be a great transition to her return to public school.
Of course, this past weekend was somewhat distressing. The children went shopping with dad and started to run around. Dad told them to stop and Makala Ran Off....bumped into Jeremiah and he fell and needed 10 stitches in his forehead...

It would not have been a horrible big deal because accidents happen. I talked with Makala and told her that we were lucky she bumped into Jeremiah and not some other child or old person. I also told her that she WAS NOT in trouble for the 'accident' part of what happened but she was in trouble for the fact she broke the rules she knew and didn't mind daddy.

The problem is that she just would not accept a consequence this weekend. She argued and had tantrums about everything that was designed to be a consequence. She was defiant about her plans being picked and told us both "No" and basically would NOT accept any consequence for her behavior.

I frankly believe this is Normal 7 year old stuff but I am glad we have the support of day treatment and cannot wait to find out how they handled this issue. Jeremiah is fine it hurts and he will have a scar but he will be fine.

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