Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sorting is more important than decorating!

I must be an obsessive compulsive person when it comes to decorating and getting the house all pretty for the holidays. I have not figured out a way to get husbands or children to understand that all good things take time. Rome was not built in one day!

I would like to get everything out and place it "IN" the room it will be but not worry about where or how. The Kitchen and Family room are the Blue, silver and white room with Snowmen, Snow flakes and angles. The Dinning and Living room are the Red, Green and Gold rooms with Santa's, Reindeer, and other traditional holiday decorations. So I want to sort things out first, place them in the rooms they will be used in but, my family seems to be in a hurry to have the items placed where and how they will remain for the next month and a half!

Another pet peeve I have is this idea of getting the trees all decorated right this moment. I would like to put the lights on the tree and then look at it for awhile to be sure there are not to many or too few lights on the tree. Then any garland or wrap around things go on. Step back and look at it for awhile...Then if it all seems nice and good that is the time to start adding the ornaments. My family always wants to rush right to the decorating part and always wants to just get it all done. I want to move slow and make things look pretty every step of the way.

And then there are the "do gooders" those members of the family who cannot seem to keep out of my laundry no matter how many times I bicker with them about staying out of the laundry! When I wash the table cloths I do NOT plan to run them through the dryer! I want them damp and I want them ready for an iron, but every time I go to the washer to get out the table linen it is in the freaking dryer! DRY! Is it really that difficult to keep your hands off the laundry? Can't anyone in this house find a REAL way to be helpful, like maybe bringing in the lunch bag before I am looking every place for it only to discover it was not cleaned out the night before?

Well, at least it is still November and I can afford to be frustrated this morning. There will be No More Candles this season. We have had the fire department out twice this year and last night was almost the third time. I have not burned any candles since the two little ones joined our family nearly three years ago. Last night Makala went into the dining room to find the ornament hooks and a piece of paper fell on top of the one burning candle and of course it caught the rest of the papers on the desk on fire...and Andrew had to use the extinguisher and blow the powder all over the place! And of course that took at least an hour to clean up and of course, my computer keyboard was withing the over blow area and now my keys are sticky.

That and it is so cold we are sure to have snow in the next day or two!

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