Friday, October 07, 2005


Everyone is sooooo busy right now. The older kids are just getting settled into the back to University routine...I have not heard from them much the past few weeks....which is usually a Good Sign!

Makala had a REAL blow out on Wednesday night and I really have no clue why? I guess it is hard to let go of the old behaviors sometimes. She has been pushing some things for about a week... the old ugly face and saying no to mom and dad stuff. The stuff I never would have done and honestly suffer from a lack of ideas on dealing with.

We were able to keep things in 'check' for several days with a time out here and there but Wednesday night the Line was crossed over eating some dinner. Now I do not believe that a child should be forced to eat anything but, Makala started bugging me about dinner at 4:00 pm. So when dinner came and all I heard was, "GROSS I am Not eating this..." I was a bit irritated. So I *suggested* that going to church group was going to NOT happen unless some effort to eat a healthy meal happened...well you would have thought I had told her to eat some poison.... and then she dramatically BRAFFED on her plate--which made Jeremiah decide that Now he does not like cooked carrots either---when in the past this kid would eat them all if I had let him...

Anyway--it all got out of hand. Both kids claiming dinner sucked and they were not eating any of it. Planning to go eat cookies at the church group so Mom said NO Church unless you eat.

They would not Eat.

An hour later I told Makala to go up and get dressed for bed and it happened! An ON-THE-FLOOR-TANTURM!
I hate those!

Another Hour of wailing and screaming and kicking...URGH! And when daddy jumped in guess what?

She hit him!

She actually hit her father!

That was it--to bed for the night I don't care if it is only 7:30....and more screaming and raging and she lost her right to pick her plans on Thursday!

She thought she would be a smarty pants and tell me her notebook was forgotten at school so I would not be able to tell Day Treatment--I picked up the phone and left Voice Mail for her case manager and we got the alarm out and went to bed....
Jeremiah passed out during all of it as he often does.

Of course, Day Treatment was not so fun for Makala on Thursday and after school we played a game, did homework and spent the rest of time in her bedroom--until she was able to tell daddy she was sorry.

Once that battle was over Guess who decided to be a stinker?

Yeah--Jeremiah could not live without the crazy stuff last night so when his sister didn't cause problems he stepped right in to be sure we had another frustrating evening!

On the Great side I don't have to go to the darn Dollar Store today! They have been earning the reward of a trip to the dollar store when they have a week of No Naughty Notes from school or home.... No Dollar store this Week...Besides Jeremiah bit his teacher so he lost his reward from that!

Anyway--another weekend with RAIN ahead....oh I love the Summer.

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