Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun While it Lasts!

Transitions are always so fun! But, I always hate it when things shift back to settling in! Thanks Bryan for doing the upgrade--now I have to figure out the new programs, fix some links and actually get down to My Part of the site!

I was having so much fun playing while I waited! Oh, that and dealing with life in general!

Melissa and have still not had a chance to have our Mom Meeting since we got the LLC done! So by the end of today I think we will be setting something up! Because, we have about 6,000 things to talk about for APN.

We need to finish working with the Network News editor.
We need to continue the Support Group Campaign.
We need to work on the big project for National Adoption Awareness Month.
We need to Fix all the little things broken on the upgrade.

.....and we need to be mommies!

So maybe we should do one of those take the kids to the play spot and talk meetings AND a girls night out! I mean a business meeting...

And the Honeymoon is over for the transition to Day treatment so... now we get to settle into this new phase of services.... and spring should eventually arrive! ahhhh, I love living in this house...and the spring!

I was having sooooooo much fun playing the last few months.....time to get back to business and do what I do! It's really sad that I have continued to hear from the upset people over at Yahoo Answers... Boy I really got them going they are so worried about what I am doing it is a crack up. I just don't have that kind of time and it's so sad to know that someone could be so angry as to get all worked up.

There is a rule when you know me... It is pretty simple if you don't want me to write about it--then don't give me anything to write about. Or if you don't like what I write maybe you should give me something good to write about! Cause--I just write about what I see and my own life and sometime people actually think that in America there is a law against it.

There isn't.

In fact, a person can write anything they want and about anyone they want and as long as it is true there Is No Law against it. I actually don't care that I am public everyone Who knows Me knows Me....and my kids...and my story so that fact I write about My Life is not my problem.

Some would say that it is harmful to a child if their parent is the President.... Yeah it is. And it is an invasion of privacy--and it is a persons child and well So What! Some people are community leaders and everyone knows them anyway--Big Deal! Trust me enough people actually Know the full details about my reality that this blog is not a divulge of any Private matters.... Lord we have at least 50 people up our butts in real life. There honestly is not such thing as privacy so...I don't raise my children to expect it.

If anyone would be so worked up about someone writing the truth then clearly those people have never had to accept responsibility for their own feelings, actions and attitudes. I don't teach my child to think that our lives are all secret behind a closed door.... If anyone thinks a few true words hurts her feelings then you really don't get it.... Anyone who does know us sees the Truth and trust me my daughter spends a lot of time dealing with the consequences of What EVERYONE knows.....

It's not like she doesn't have to spend a good deal of time living what I write about and talking about it and processing it and taking responsibility for it.... That's how we are helping her heal... If she thinks her life is going to be something no one notices then.... she is wrong. People do notice what and who other people are and how they behave.

Anyway Edited:My little internet friend(because that is what she calls me)--Justine and whom ever else is spending their time thinking I care about thumbs up or thumbs down -- or that I would stoop to send you emails or report you or anything elese.... Not really and honestly I have spent more time then planned playing on Yahoo... I really don't care if you need to post your comments---or emails or whatever.... I honestly have better things to do then spend my time caring about what you think. So don't take it personally if I just don't have the time to play your little games.

Off to read to little guy and make lunch before Kindergarten and then a hot bath before I start on the Upgraded site!

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