Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Getting Back On Track!

What a fantastic Day! Well, except for the rain and dark sky... Oh well. This teaches me to plant the Jasmine before mother's day! I guess we will all survive because I did manage to save a few of the Inside plants. I have decided to re-do Andrews office because he isn't going to get around to it. It's amazing how he finds the old packing boxes of HIS Junk make nice office furniture--yet my supplies vanish to the shed on the back of the acre!

Anyway, Nikki sure has got all the housework caught-up so now we can dig into the Spring Cleaning and actually finish the unpacking because it really is silly to not be done nearly 2 years later! I refuse to get any more bids for the guest house until we actually finish moving in.

We are going to put in the Outside entry and a drive way to the back of the house. The bids are all very reasonable for turning the room over the garage into a mother-in-law apartment. We are talking with one of the crisis ladies about offering room and salary to move in and Nanny/Respite provider. The only way I will agree is if we can give her the apartment with an exterior entry and driveway because I want her to have her privacy and only be on call during our agreed hours. I can't believe how low they pay these people for how important their jobs are!

She will be by next week for Tea when the kids are at school to discuss the agreement and time-line... This is going to be such a win-win for both our family and her. She was the oldest of several siblings who ended up adopted and then disrupted and she wasn't adopted again but her siblings were. If anyone gets what's going on it is her--plus the fact she is so well trained and has a verifiable background... Mature and the opportunity to get out of a tiny apartment is something she appreciates very much too...

Isn't it what people should be doing more of in this world? We can help change someone else's situation and make our own situation less stressful too... This is going to be a very good move for all of us especially since it's pretty clear Makala will need an Adult with her for at least the next 8-12 years soooo we might as well do a good turn while helping our lives improve.

So, next week sometime we will start the remodel for the apartment and I can't wait!


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