Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jeremiah, Jenna, and Justine

Today "Marty" stayed for Reading Club. He has become so girl crazy --(actually, he has always been crazy for girls come to think of it) When I came to pick him up after school I found him working with two 5th grade girls who were goo-goo all over him--with his big brown eyes....

I watched the three of them finish up and noticed the girls were helping him write "Jeremiah" instead of "Marty" and asked him, "I thought you didn't want to be called Jeremiah anymore--?"

He looked at me all irritated and said, "I will be Jeremiah when I get to write my 'J's' some more with Jenna....annnnnnnd Justine...mommy!"

He rolled his eyes and smiled at each girl all strange when he said their names... it was hysterical.

He is only 6 years old and has to knock them off of him with a stick... he is going to give us the run of our lives oh my... he does get away with everything. He is just so cute and he knows it and it is going to cause us or him some real problems.... Little girls are already jumping up in restaurants and running over to talk to him... It's going to be fun when he actually has a real interest...

I guess I am happy with any extra carrot that helps him to write. Of course we wouldn't be set back this far if the pre-school we paid $700.00 a month had actually paid attention to the fact that "Madison" was doing all of his name writing last year! I didn't even think to consider he wasn't actually writing his name until one day when I asked him to write it at home....

When he told me he didn't know how I was surprised and asked him--"Who wrote your name on this paper?" as I held the stack of paper after paper with what I thought was his written name...

He said, "Madison"

one page after another I asked, "and this one?"

"Mom--okay Madison always writes my name for me....ok!"

Yeah--this will be fun! I was at least happy he could draw the Person with at least 6 body parts! I was so worried when his doctor asked me if he could and I didn't know? He just doesn't do the write-color--junk. Now if the doctor had asked, "Can he ride a bike, if so when?"

I would have been able to say, "Oh yes, one day when he was 3 he just hopped on his sisters bike and took off--he hasn't stopped and it is all we can do to keep him from building a ramp that is too high and rmind him all the time to put his helmet on."

Or if the doctor had asked, "What kind of construction skills has he mastered and has he mastered the proper use of ladders?"

I would have said, "Oh, doctor he could use every tool and at the age of two he was sneaky and removed the lower two hinges from the laundry room door right under our noses."

But, no Marty will not hold something in his hand and make it draw? Build elaborate sand box cities--yes, write his name--no!

Can he cut out sugar cookies or build a ginger bread house--Yes, but will he try to write his numbers 1, 2 and 3--no!

He can even paint the exterior walls of his fort built on top of the tractor shed like an old Fort Vancouver station--and paint frosting on the cookie cuts outs... But he will not color a picture!

I have been teaching him to color with Suggestive Style and shown him he can just use well placed implications of color so his teacher will notice that he did color all the pictures that start with the letter "R" -- red.

anyway--that is our kid and he is really just as cute as a button. Even though he told me that instead of cute he wants mommy to call him "Stinky" but only when there are girls looking and if it is just me and him he wants me to still call him my "Cute little monkey!"

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