Monday, April 21, 2008

Two-Weeks at the New School

Well, it has been 2 weeks at the new school and Makala is of course doing Great.... We have noticed that she does very well when the other children do not.....and she doesn't do well when the other children do.... Interesting!

Perhaps, this is the reason she always glides right through all of the special interventions?

We have also noticed when things are going well at school---things at home are not... When she is doing well at home things at school are not!

So, the therapists suggests that These issues are more rooted in the The Trauma's the have caused the PTSD's (Post Traumatic Stress). These little signs seem to indicate that Makala needs to find that "normal" feeling she developed so early in her life---where things were filled with choas...fear...and out of control behaviors.... When she is with other children who are out of control she doesn't need to step in and fill the void in order to have that normal feeling of things being out of control....

Wow--finally we get to think about other issues rather then the Biggies of RAD and ARND! It's sort of exciting to be moving Past the Primary Underlying Problems and get to work on some of the Other ABC's she has collected!

I was told so many time so long ago that Until the Underlying issues are addressed we will not be able to get to the side issues and I suppose this could be considerd Major Progress! I really never imagined that I would find myself excited to be helping my sweetness with a big problem! This is really such an oxi-moron kind of life.... To think that I would feel such a thrill that I could be thinking a real emotional problem is a good-thing!

I really do believe that 5 years down the RAD is healing well... I have been seeing the "little" signs showing everyplace! Last week we were at Acting Class and I noticed that while participating she was constantly looking to me.... If my responce was a smile and face of approval she smiled back and continued.... and then for a moment she was playing aournd not paying attention and just about to become a disruption--and she looked at me.... I gave her a Mom Look of "No-No" and a hand sign of "get on track" and She Smiled and Just did it!

In the past this just wouldn't have happened.... Not too long ago she would have gone to acting class and participated as if I wasn't even there--she would not have looked to me for approval or checked with me to see if she was out of line.... Could this really be a significant as my heart would hope? I can't help but to believe the simply fact that she Knew I was with her in the class is such a major improvement!

It continues to amaze me How just the smallest simple normal things a mother shares with a child--could Be This Big!

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