Thursday, May 29, 2008 Update

Early this morning I posted a Blog: What Happened?

My husband is so smart, as soon as I informed him last night that I wasn't able to get into my Comcast email he went to his computer to see what I had told him I was seeing when I went to to log in...

The first thing my Amazing Computer Geeks husband said, "Looks like a DNS Whack or Denial of Services attack" He speculated further and suggested that it appeared someone had managed to figure out a Redirect.

When I called Last night and again this morning I told both customer support people that my husband had said what he thought it was--they didn't respond to hearing what was said at all.... Just suggested that I have a back-up email address.... right.

The email is Back Up... This morning I was able to reach a Screen that appeared to be my Log-In and entered my name and my password... when I pushed enter--I got a blank screen.

My husband just came home for lunch and tells me that all the GEEK News things all agree that last night had been seized by someone who had redirected our log in screens. The general Geek Position has been that this didn't likely cause a disclosure of our accounts as the difference between a HACK and a WHACK is that a Hack is when someone manages to get into the account and servers the site is running on and a WHACK is when the damages is done from Outside the server and no direct access to the servers takes place. A Whack is from Outside and a Hack is getting into.

The Geeks believe that their could be some risk if anyone made it to a log-in looking page and entered their user name and passwords thinking things were back up... It is possible that the Whackers managed to redirect us to a page that they did have control over, and those of us who entered information might now be at risk of these Whackers accessing our accounts.

I have changed my password and would suggest anyone who did make it to a log in screen in between 10:00 P.M. and Noon (as far as I can tell) Pacific time do the same. If you attempted to log into your Comcast Email account and entered a password but, failed to log in then go change your password right NOW...

It will be interesting if I can find any information From Comcast about what actually did happen published any place? However, knowing how business run and knowing how smart Geeks are I have decided to believe the GEEKS after all they are the ones who make all of this stuff work for us, and businesses just want our money.

Actually, I would suggest that everyone take a moment and Change your passwords... because the truth is often hard to get from major business with reputations to protect.

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