Thursday, May 29, 2008 What Happened?

Good Morning any Comcast Email Users -- Have you tried checking your email during that last 8 hours and counting?

At about 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time time last night when I tried checking my email I saw a link to Network Solutions with some kind of gibberish and foreign language message. After several attempts to access anything from the Dot Net site I eventually resorted to calling the 1-800-COMCAST telephone number where some customer NON-Services representative dropped her telephone in the middle of my sentence and I overheard laughing and chatter in the background. Once she managed to pick me back up with giggles--she than allowed me to ramble on and on before providing me with an answer of,

"Yeah we can't even get into our own email. We don't know what is going on and maybe you can check back in an hour or tomorrow."

My husband suggested that there may be some kind of Hack or Denial of Service going on with Comcast... Ordinarily websites doing maintenance or making some major change wouldn't re-direct the site to some Network Solutions page but, to one of their own Message Pages and it seems rather strange that Comcast would send us all over to such an odd and unrelated page.

This morning I write after seeing some New Page, displayed for Comcast, with no massage whatsoever letting account holders know things are not working. The Log-In screen comes up, allows Username and passwords, and then goes to an ERROR page after hanging up for sometime. All the other links on the page fail to bring anything other then another error page.

So, Again I attempt to call 1-800-COMCAST and find out if I missed some message about email being down for At least 8-hours and counting. After holding for a good 10 minutes another Customer Non-Services representative answered with, "We don't have any idea when things will be back up, and we suggest people have a "back-up" email account.

I have SEVERAL back-up email accounts but that doesn't do a user much good when they have no information to alert them that they may need to use a backup email account. All I know is that in most situations I am only offered ONE EMIAL address for my Internet activities and when I ordered my Airline tickets I was NOT offered the chance to enter TWO different contact email addresses--In fact, I don't believe in any of my Online activities I have ever seen the option to enter: YOUR EMAIL Addresses and YOUR BACKUP Email Address just in case your service is Offline for 8 hours or more....

Thank Comcast for blowing smoke up my crack--and deciding to answer customer questions with NON Answers. It would be much more professional if you actually told everyone you have no idea what is going on and think perhaps there may have been some huge breech in your system...

I have used Comcast for Many Years and Always found my service dependable and reliable. I understand that in the world of cyberspace these things do happen. What I don't appreciate is Stonewalling--and stupid answers to real questions. If providing a Back Up email address was considered an Normal part of email account services every single contact web business service would Ask people to provide two email accounts just for these "normal" situations.

However, suggestion to YOUR customers that they have somehow been foolish to NOT have a back-up email account is pretty pointless when it is NOT standard Internet practice Nor did anyone have any notice that we needed to go to the 100's of accounts we use and change our email accounts to our Primary Email and look for the place to enter the Back-Up email account...

It's just too bad that the thousands of users calling trying to figure out whats going are sitting on hold forever--only to be told they should have done something that isn't STANDARD or even an option in most cases.... So Comcast Just what benefit do you believe My at least 10 different Back Up email account really do for me if everyone is sending email to my Comcast account?

If might be more professional if you just told everyone You got Hacked and Hopefully everything in our accounts isn't in the hands of some kind of criminal. Remember, that when we do banking, or register to use services on the Internet all of our passwords, private information and accounting details generally include some sort of email with a good share of these details published and there for these Hackers to use....

Now--I will go listen to the News and see how widespread this little Problem Comcast doesn't know what is--might be?


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