Thursday, May 01, 2008

It has been a Few Weeks at the New School

I have always told everyone the best way I know how to describe my daughter is to imagine yourself holding a water balloon with both hands...

Squeezing it around just a little and feeling it move all around.

If you squeeze a little harder on one side it is bound to bulge someplace--the trick is you never really know where it will bulge!

Things have not really been major just the little stuff that has to constantly be given direct attention... But, it is mostly the things that I see as possible survival skills and maybe these skills will come in handy one day? Besides, I would have my child be no other way... She knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to "GET it--there--attention--support"...

This morning is beautiful! Jeremiah (I mean Marty) is out enjoying the bright sunshine which has been so rare! It is still very cold this early morning but, it is also one of those kinds of days where a person feels motivated and wants to listen to the birdies sing.

I have a Doctor appointment today. Of course, it was set before the school change and Makala getting home an full hour earlier then the old school. DRAT! That means that Andrew has decided to come home from work for the pitiful 15-30 minutes I will be late to meet Makala's bus. I really could ask the neighbor who has her granddaughter all afternoon because she only attends morning Kindergarten this year??

But, the truth is that We need to "Owe no favors" to our neighbors especially when they have children with a few issues of their own.

I can also let Dr. Joe know the situation and cut-out a little early.

Our yard looks like the Brady-Bunch lives here. These little ones would have loved growing up in the 70's like we did. We have so many out-door toys that it looks like 10 kids must live here. I can't wait to finish the Front Fence--or should I say wall because that is what it is going to be. Only really pretty. We are going to love gr owning here. They are building up all around our little acre. They are building a JC Penny's next to the other developments and a Sonic! I told mom I don't need to go back this summer after all because We will have our own Sonic now.

I imagine by the time I can't walk or drive the bus will have a stop someplace I can drive my motor-cart to. And, then the doctor is but, a few stops away. Everything will be a few blocks away and new for the area. Then behind our fence-wall-garden bed-planters made of concrete and cinder block with pretty wroth iron and lighting... Since we are on the corner we plan to build in a nice Bus-Stop bench on our side of the easement. Behind our wall will be our own Disneyland.

Our children and their tendency to hang from the limbs in the trees, or peer out the window of their fence forts with all the bikes, roller skates, balls and other stuff do attract a bit of attention from passer-by's. Unless we breakdown and buy them all the Lazy-Kid toys like Nintendo or some other "wiggle your finger" kind of toys they are going to be like this. I really would rather they have fun and play on every last inch of this land then sit on their rumps all day wiggling a finger or two.

So I hear hammering in the yard now and I am pretty sure Marty has tools and materials that were not designed for what he is doing right now--I can see him constructing something way up under the Birch trees and I hear pounding so it's time to go play with the boy!

Happy May Day and enjoying everything this day means.

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