Monday, May 05, 2008


There is always so much going on come Monday morning! I am looking forward to summer break! Only about 6 weeks left before the kids can have that kind of "kick-back" day of developmental catching up.

Makala seems to be Wanting to make changes in her behaviors. She seems to be letting everyone know that she appreciates their support. Today she told me that she would like to stop causing the issues that mean she doesn't get to have an ordinary life...and she said she knows what they are... Wow.

Now--the fun part of helping her become the feisty-self she is and understand the social cues and boundaries... This might be where things are starting to improve. Seems to be a logical place for child development at this age too... so I see this as a good thing.

We have a meeting with the New County Mental Health Therapist at the Day Treatment School next week. And Makala will be meeting with her twice a week... This time the paperwork was processed too quickly and the old case manager from Crisis 3 who we have been with for the past year was stopped before they had the chance to close the file with us. So the case manager wants to have a close out party next week.

It seems like the county mental health delivery system makes it hard to access the needs of a child. Each service offers one element of need for the child and the family--with no access to something else. Makala would not be able to get the therapy at school unless we "signed up" for services with One Group... Which means we can't access the services we have been--and we can't go see the therapist who has all the great ideas in dealing with FASD kids....

Every time we have to make one of these choices we look at the whole picture. Since this therapy is delivered AT School then it is best For Makala along with her visits with Dr. Joe.

It is silly that families are not able to access the things that they need offered by any program in the county...but, it doesn't work that way. So instead the families dealing with these kinds of issues end up accessing one program and using it for what it is worth and then transferring to the Next Service Provider and accessing what there is that makes any difference from that program...

Each trip down accessing a service provided takes about a year. Up front they promise the moon and stars...and then start shifting the problem back onto the parents. Each time with the parents having been instructed on how to "contain" the "Crisis"... 80% of the initial promises made when the service started fall short or are not delivered. But--the family was offered the service and did get X, Y and Z which was better then nothing and things are much better now--move on.

So with the last Family Preservation Service Plan we were Crisis Level 3 meaning we had access to the highest level of mental health intervention we could obtain--without signing our parental rights over to the state! Once I am done with all the End of the process stuff I will blog about some of the good and bad that ended up being...

The fact is we stand here starting all over again--with a new service plan. We finally got the IEP and the school said---"Yep, she needs more then we can give her" and she is now being bussed to another district as one of only 2 girls in the whole school for children with Behavior Problems.... hummm.?

My mom, aunt and I have joked that at least she might get some street smarts which could come in handy...and if she ends up in jail at least we know she can deal with it... On the other hand she has decided she doesn't really want to spend her life around people like this...and she does know what she has been doing...and well--We will See!

It's just going to go the way it goes--kinda like raising any kids.... so... that's what this Monday was.

Along with some real life stuff--of the ordinary kind... of Monday stuff.

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