Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Peek of Summer

Our weather has been so strange this year... First a tornado in January--where we don't have Tornado's! And then the longest coldest snowy winter. Last week we have a Peek at summer with a mini-heat wave and then today we have had the greatest rain fall--all at once since mid April?

All the normal flowers are late... and may not be pretty this year. Rose Festival is just around the corner and My Roses look BAD! The first blooms have not even formed yet... How SAD!

Makala who NEVER ever sunburns got Hit bad on Saturday! We even used 60 sunscreen and she burned bad enough to blister a small are on her shoulder. Thank goodness I know this is the first time ever for her. I am so doomed for skin cancer I hardly dare start the horrible discovery process...

All of this crazy weather is hard for Kids to understand. Friday they were running around in swimsuits playing on the slip-n-slide and today it RAINS! Hard! Makala was ready for the carefree days of August and wanted to act like there was no tomorrow--or should I say No School Tomorrow... Oh Joy--do I look forward to THIS Summer!

Marty has become such an easy kid now that he is actually getting older but, he shows all the "youngest" child signs of being the one who is our rebellious kid! On one hand I so enjoy the fact he is talking and thinking is such interesting ways--but, I also just shudder to think about some of the things he says... He has that "one on earth" side of his personality that is a big-red flag!

It was so funny last night the children wanted to enjoy the Last moments of Sunshine and we could all feel a storm moving in--so the went out to roller-blade after bath time... No harm so I permitted it on a school night which is not normal and they enjoyed having fun. But, as is always the case all good things come to an end... Not for Makala she always needs just a little more no matter what she is given she need to push it far enough that she has to hear the word "NO" at least 3 times!

I gave the children a lot of warnings just so their fun would not die in an instant and end with a rage of any kind. I was being Very Nice about it. So when I finally gave the last call inside of Sweet Makala actually said, "Marty lets go this way!"

The way she pointed was not the direction indicating going inside!

I said, "Not and didn't I give you a lot of warning, Why would you tell your brother to skate that direction when going inside is this direction?"

In standard form My Sweetest little girl repeated her NORMAL answer, "I DID NOT!"

....and I just cracked up because it really is starting to be funny sometimes and right then it really was so funny--and she cracked up too...

I just told she needed to stop thinking that everyone doesn't see how she tries to pull these "acting" things... We all know what she is doing...and it is funny sometimes...

She went inside with no more issues...and I complemented her on the fact she did...with a smile and another complement about how talented she could be if she took some more acting classes and learned how to read a little better....

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