Friday, May 23, 2008

Washington Statewide Action for Family Empowerment: Seeks Parent Coordinator

It is amazing what a parent learns during the process of parenting a special needs child. Who better to take a position as Parent Coordinator for SAFE (Statewide Action for Family Empowerment) then a parent who has been working with the system.

As an advocate for Special Needs children in my state of Washington I have become involved in a number of helpful resources as well as added to the lists of several organizations that either support special needs children and their parents or advocate for changes in our current system.

Today I received a statewide bulletin outlining a part time Parent Coordinator position the Entire Job Posting my be Found on the AdoptiveParentsNetwork WASHINGTON STATE Forum

If I were not so busy doing my actual job of Advocating for the needs of my children, I would just love to apply for this position. Hopefully, some of my Washington Readers will see this post and take advantage of an opportunity to help make a difference for our children.

Statewide Action for Family Empowerment (SAFE) Washington Communication Notice

Item: Now Hiring-Permanent Part-time Statewide Parent Coordinator

SAFE WA is recruiting for the position of Permanent Part-time Parent Coordinator.

Point of Contact:
Patty King-Executive Director
1-866-300-1998 (toll free)

Position Title: Statewide Parent Coordinator

The Statewide Action for Family Empowerment of Washington (SAFE WA) is a family and youth ran non-profit organization. SAFE WA was formed to fill statewide advocacy, training and technical assistance needs for families of children/youth and professionals interested in strengths-based, family centered community services.

SAFE WA is a committed partner to system transformation and providing family voice to design and run the systems that serve them.

SAFE WA network member organizations provide direct support to families and youth. These supports include but are not limited to emotional support, mentoring, assistance with system navigation, attending meetings and court proceedings with families, training, and information. SAFE WA provides supports such technical assistance, training, mentoring parent leaders, and problem solving to its network members. SAFE WA also assists member organizations in sustaining and expanding their local networks through mentoring, networking opportunities and financial support for training.

SAFE WA’s vision statement is, “United Voices.” The mission statement reads, “The Statewide Action for Family Empowerment of Washington is the united voice of families who have minor children with complex needs that agrees to work together to recruit families, mentoring them and encouraging collaboration and organizing networks that will support and advocate for stronger, healthier families.”

• Strengthening, supporting, and sustaining the SAFE WA Network.
• Expand SAFE WA Network
• Enhance recruitment, training, and retention of SAFE WA Network organizations
• Support and facilitate the work of SAFE WA which is dedicated to improving services to families.
• Advocate for system change that is advantageous for families and youth.

The Parent Coordinator is responsible to provide technical assistance and support to our network members, partners and the service delivery system and to mentor the diverse range of families whose children struggle with mental, emotional and behavioral challenges. To look for and respond to opportunities to increase parent to parent support and family voice in system transformation initiatives in the state of Washington while supporting our mission and charter. Duties include, but may not be limited to:

1. Demonstrated success in developing & supporting innovative collaborative projects/new initiatives.
2. Minimum of three years experience in working for a family organization or working in an integrated parent peer support role within a facility.
3. Proficiency with MS Office software Word, Excel, power point & publisher at an intermediate level.
4. Must provide own office space and office equipment.
5. Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
6. Ability to master and track many details while remaining organized.
7. Ability to exercise independent judgment within a team environment.
8. Ability to work with individuals and groups in a collaborative style with respect for diversity.
9. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
10. Valid Washington driver’s license, proof of current automobile insurance.
11. Be available some evenings and weekends with the ability to travel statewide and nationally.

PREFERED QUALIFICATIONS (in addition to minimum qualifications)
1. A parent/caregiver of a child who struggles with mental, emotional and behavioral challenges.
2. Three years experience administration or project management in a family organization or working in an integrated parent peer support role within a facility.
3. Related experience included statewide exposure

Electronic submission (preferable method) instructions:
Email to
Add cc to
Subject line should say “Parent Coordinator Position”

Or mail to:
PMB 161
17404 Meridian Ave E Suite F
Puyallup, WA 98375

Statewide Action for Family Empowerment

For more details and the full posting be sure to visit the AdoptiveParentsNetwork WASHINGTON STATE Forum

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