Monday, June 16, 2008

The Count Down Starts!

It's hard to believe that in a short 9 days the little ones and I will be flying over the United States to see family back east. It's even harder to believe that between now and then Makala and I will be on a 4 night mother and daughter retreat with hundreds of other Job's Daughters. To top it all off there is Kindergarten Graduation today and a big Masonic Tribute tonight...

I am not sure I am ready to even pack for Two vacations let alone go on them!

Yesterday a friend of mine and our daughters spent the whole afternoon looking for the four formal dresses they will need this week. Has anyone ever tried to find a pretty Prom type dress for 10 year olds who don't have bodies made for them? Both of our little girls have too much in the wrong spot and not enough in the right spot to find anything that is appropriate for little girls this age. I wonder if there isn't some big business in Pre-Puberty Fashion Design for little girls who are not women and don't fit into anything let alone a fancy party dress! I knew I should have gotten the sewing machine oiled up. Problem is that when I made the last dress for Makala even the pattern wasn't designed for the body of an almost ready to mature little girl. This really cannot only be a problem for our daughters. We are tempted to just buy yards of fabric cut a hole for their pretty little faces and tie it on them with big pink bows!

To be a 10 year old today is sure not the way it was back when I was growing up! Actually, when I became a Job's Daughter the age was 12 and I seem to recall my mother having a hard time finding the right dress for me even at that time. Nothing seemed to fit right so apparently this isn't a new thing just that I may have to work with it for the next several years.

We have two and a half days until school is out and summer is full swing. You would never know it from the lack of warm sunshine here. I am having a hard time deciding what to pack as I know when we get there we will Not be dealing with things like Snow in June! Only a lot of flooding and tornadoes...

I am sure that once these getting ready days are over and we are all flying to visit family that I am going to be glad for the change of pace. I would still rather drive but, can't even estimate the cost gas would be--it has gone up so much the past months that it has yet to fully register with me. All I know is that what was originally planned to be a nice long drive seeing things about America along the way turned into an Air Travel several weeks ago. DARN It! I wanted to stop at Yellowstone with the kids and spend a few days.

I am not exactly sure how I am going to pull off this 4 day retreat and turn around a pack for two weeks? I guess flying might make it a little less difficult since it seems that I keep finding myself telling Makala and Marty that whatever they want to take needs to fit into "This Bag" and that is all we can take on our vacation. Not to mention the fact that they will need to drag their own Carry-On's with them since mommy can't carry it all on a good day and isn't able to with the back injury.

Yesterday was Father's day and it was one of those Nicer ones. The children and I went shopping for Daddy and found there is a Bird of Paradise Plant that has been conditioned to survive our climate!?! I never would have spent the money on one without the one year guarantee. Andrew never pays much attention to Plants but, every time we have been in California or Florida he has always stopped and asked my what the Bird of Paradise is and commented that he thought it was a cool plant.

Somehow my husband seems much less stressed than I am about the vacation. Maybe because he is not going with us on this one! Seems he feels he is about to have a two week vacation of his own and isn't even a bit concerned that he might need to find a way to feed himself. Lucky Dog! I have told him I think it's a good idea when we get home that he take the kids for two weeks over to the Rental House that will soon be vacant and give me a two week break. For some reason he didn't think that would be a great idea! He wasn't any more excited when I suggest that I might take two weeks and clean the rental house on my own...without the kids and him always asking me what's for dinner.

Great--I just realized that when I get back I have an empty rental house to turn over and then rent. Well, the renting part isn't so difficult as we have always offered the houses for people with Housing provided by the state. We have had better tenants under these terms as they are not stressed out over rent that to me seems really height--since I haven't rented in so long. Last rent I paid on a 3-bedroom house was $620.00 and our now we rent that house out for nearly double. How do people manage to rent a house when it rent is so high!

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