Monday, June 23, 2008

Grand Bethel Memories...

Just a quick update this time! We got in late from our long four-day weekend on the other side of the state at Washington Job's Daughter Grand Bethel. Makala and I took off at 9:00 AM on Thursday morning and got home late last night with our bags filled with dirty formals and pantyhose, and just need to drop the dresses at the Dry Cleaners and put all the stuff we need for our trip back east. We leave before the sun comes up in less then 48 hours and won't get home until after July 10th!

Grand Bethel was so exciting for Makala. On Thursday night we went to the Miss Job's Daughter Pageant. Makala was so excited and we had such a great time participating. Friday we had Grand Bethel Open and it was fantastic to see a fully seated Bethel Meeting.

The convention center was great with a neat sky bridge from our rooms to the center where all of our fun activities took place... Eating fancy dinner's in our prom-type party dresses with sparkling Terra's and all the girls from 10 to 20 being complemented and honored for the nice young ladies they aspire to become. Friday night the pool was filled with screaming girls having the time of their lives...'

Saturday morning the new Grand Bethel offices were selected and three of our Girls were given offices for 2008-2009... One selected as the representative to the State of Indiana and another selected as the International Representative to Queensland Australia (Ironic if you ask me all things considered--some people wonder if there is Karma--I sure thought this must have been one of those situations!)

But, the icing on the cake was the fact that our Honored Queen was selected as the 08-09 Grand Bethel Honored Queen... Which meant that as soon as the selection meeting ended Polly and I had to take the 3-little ones out and find what we could to Pack Monica up for her world-wind summer and year ahead as she was not returning Home but, rather being whisked off to the next Masonic event along with Miss Job's Daughter. The two will be gone the better part of summer, and traveling all over the world for one thing after another.

When Monica was picked as Washington State Grand Bethel Honored Queen our whole Bethel was in complete shock and the race was on--Hotel Door decorations, everything she needs to travel, Roses for the ceremony and everything we needed for a party. Monica's Dad grabbed her grandmother and raced the 5 hours from Vancouver to the other side of the state to witness her Crowning Installation Ceremony and say goodbye!

With three of our girls selected for Grand Bethel Seats it left the other's to fill the obligations for the rest of the weekend... And Makala needed to step up and take a HUGE part for the Crowning Ceremony--she needed to be her Guardian's Escort for the huge ordeal! It was so stressful for her as she was informed 5 hours before the ceremony and we had all the shopping to do... She had a bit of a melt-down before the ceremony and Our Guardian and Mason were not real sure Makala was going to get herself together and be ready for such a huge job...

But, that is "Makala" she always amazes and is Grace Under Fire to say the least! I don't think I have ever been so proud of anyone or anything in all my life as to see her step up and do the job that in most cases is reserved for Honored Queens... She walked into the room filled with huge party dresses, tuxedos and a fully seated Bethel of Job's Daughters in their Robes and did her part perfect with the biggest smile on her face--and it was clear she was as proud as I was and the melt-down was over and behind us...

Makala woke up this morning and told me she dreamed all night--and was so busy even in her dreams. I asked her if she was happy when she was busy in her dreams and she told me that she really was because they were about the future and she was always learning a part, or getting her robe ironed and that she was busy because she was in the Pageant to be Washington Miss Job's Daughter and her platform was to talk about the 129,000 kids who just want to have a family! She said, that she wants to be the Grand Bethel Honored Queen one year and then be Miss Job's Daughter after that because she can't decided which is most important to her because she wants to do both jobs!

She told me that she was so busy learning her parts and remembering what way to walk that she didn't even have time in her sleep to think about doing something naughty and that she thinks she never wants to do those naughty choices any more because Job's Daughters don't do Naughty things they are too busy doing all the good stuff for other Job's Daughters to think about getting into trouble!

I sent her to the shower and I think she may just drain the water heater as she appears to be standing in the water still dreaming about her Future! If I had any doubt in my mind that Job's Daughters was a good choice--that doubt is gone today with these kinds feelings coming out after the weekend we just had... If she didn't just Love all this Pomp and Circumstance I am sure she would not be glowing and beaming today but, rather in some kind of fowl mood and not interested in talking about what we just spend 4 days doing..... I can hear her singing upstairs and talking to herself... and it's clear that as I suspected she likes Job's Daughters as much as I did.

Our Trip was Not without it's traumas... In the middle of Lunch on Friday my dental implant broke--Not the surgical part but the part above... Polly and I wanted to slip out and get some supper glue for my teeth but, as we left Makala made it sound like she had just gotten her period for the first time--which would have made complete logical sense after all isn't that how things go!?

Anyway, we ran and got supplies for both of us and then she learned that she wouldn't be able to swim so she Changed Her Story after I tried to get her set up only to have her refuse... And just when I was ready to fix my dental issue the repair kit was missing the most important ingredient... So I had MY OWN Melt-Down! Thank Goodness Polly was with me and she could see I was in one of those rare states where I just couldn't figure out Makala and what was going on... One of those spots where I couldn't help but think she Plans to make me crazy...

Thankfully, by dinner I was able to slip away and walk downtown to get the supplies I needed and a cup of soup... That night I told Polly I wouldn't have had the melt-down had it not been about my teeth--the biggest "inner child pain" I have in my life... I am so irritated with the Dentist office because after $15,000 of Implants the equipment made for the implants was NEVER right in the first place at least the good thing is that the part that broke doesn't affect all the real implant work...

I was so happy Polly was with me when I had my melt down... The whole next day she kept telling me she was worried about me and that she could see I needed a break and some respite which only made me cry more because as the day went on it was clear that without Me Makala is so misunderstood that she is mistreated without me being able to step in and help her...

When the big Ceremony was about to start we had a seating problem and Makala filled with anxiety... Our Mason came over to let us know that "Mary" had solved the problem and that she would help us get to the right seats... Makala was feeling she needed to fill the shoes of Our Honored Queen and started looking at name tags... She saw "Mary" and went to address her as such when "Amanda" one of our Grown Up Job's Daughter helpers started to rip into Makala about calling adults "Mr., Mrs., and Miss!" I stepped in and really snapped on "Amanda" letting her know that all Makala had known was to look for "Mary" and that if she wanted to be responsible for a Psychiatric Melt-down she could continue to act like a B-Word! And by the way why was Makala calling "Amanda" by her first name and not "Miss" or "Mrs" ? considering I didn't even know how to address her!

I need to send "Amanda" an email and let her know I am sorry for snapping her pretty head off but, come on -- Makala had no clue and really didn't need to be chewed out 10 minutes before taking on the job that Honored Queens were doing!

Anyway--now we need to get packing for Illinois and I just spoke to the dentist office about the fact their work fell apart during the middle of a fancy dinner 300 miles away from home....

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