Monday, June 16, 2008

John McCain Did You Know He is an Adoptive Father?

I have never really put my nose into the business of any other countries regarding how they run their governments or deal with social issues. I have always preferred to look at the Log in My own eye rather then point out the splinter in someone elses. I think that it is best for me to clean up my own messes rather then paying attention to the mess someplace else.

We all know the States need to overhaul the Foster Care system and do a better job keeping children safe and providing them with healthy loving environments and most Americans spend time working on the problems we are responsible for rather then looking all over the Internet and making comments about the policies and situations in other civilized countries.

Apparently other people have nothing better to do then surf the Internet looking for something to criticize the United States about we are after all a target for all those who don't enjoy the greatness of our democracy. Some Non-American Bloggers believe they understand our government enough to write about it as if they do.

Reading some of the American Hater Blogs and especially those about our system of social welfare, foster children and adoption issues makes me wonder why these people even care about what our government does? And makes me want to look at what they hide in their laundry baskets...

I was inspired to take a look at a few little issues not In My Own Pile of junk to fix and just see what these nosey people have to be busy working on rather then talking about the adopted daughter (and I just learned from some foreigner that there are actually two adopted daughters) of John McCain's. YES--In case you missed it John McCain is an Adoptive Father! How many of us actually Knew That? Apparently this Blogger Does

I was aware because I have admired John McCain since I was a child and watched him walk out of 5 1/2 years of captivity as a Prisoner of War and act like the honorable man we know today. You don't have to agree with his politics (and I don't in many ways) to have respect for a man like this. Some people spend their whole lives crying about things they don't even remember or circumstances of their own birth Yet John McCain is running for President of the United States of America! No PTSD excuse for this man... no whine and cry for years about what happened to him.

Instead he stood up and decided to become a part of the government he stood for and was tortured and held captive as a young POW for five and a half years! For me, that is nearly enough to get my vote as I Love Survivors who come out wanting to make things different even when I don't always agree with what they want to do or change.

Anyway, back to the point... There is some blogger in Australia who seems to think that she can blogger on and on about all the horrible things Americans who adopt children are. Actually telling us that John McCain is Using the fact he adopted two children as way to make himself God Like? I don't know about you, but the fact he is an adoptive father is not something I hear him talking about. I only saw one media report at the start of the election about his oldest adopted daughter. Mr McCain wanted to end the left over junk form the time he ran against Bush and put those rumors to rest that he was raising a child from an affair and worse that she was an Black child. It was what ended his last run as at the time he didn't want his Adopted daughter to be harmed by the Hate.

Which I actually do remember and remember Believing was true at the time due to the lack of media coverage about the Truth. I am sorry but, if John McCain had ever wanted to elevate himself anymore than being a POW and fine senator he didn't use his daughter's adoption to make himself appear "God Like" had that ever been on his mind I am sure we all would have learned it then and it would have been something the media covered in-depth today.

I wonder why it is that some people need to sit around and point their hateful fingers at someone else. It always seems to be those people who sit and cry over nothing who would fantasize that John McCain adopted children in order to feel like some kind of God... Give me a Break! Funny how everyone always knows the pain of the weak because they plaster it all over the place and accuse other stronger people to be using something to look better...

If John McCain wanted to look God Like adopting little children is not exactly going to accomplish much. To think that angry adoption haters would be so shallow as to think he needed to adopt little black babies to be a bigger man then he is. I am sure he decided he would adopt just to be sure we all thought he was an honorable God Like man... Really! I don't personally think he really needed to adopt to make himself any bigger a man then he actually is.

If he wanted to look like something none of us could ever measure up to he would be talking about those 5 and a half years much more then he does. Can you even imagine what he suffered as such a young man held for that long? I don't think many of us can even imagine what that must be like... I do think that there are thousands and thousands of people who have adopted and don't see the fact that John McCain adopted as any big Deal... Been there done that and John has nothing on me when it comes to being an adoptive parent.

The only people who think that parents adopt children--especially children in other countries who would benefit from our medical care would do this are negative hateful people with an agenda. It was probably some unhappy adult adoptee who wanted to blame their whole life on the fact that they were adopted who made the attacks in 2000! For some reason there are a few angry adoptees who want to change the world by attacking adoptive parents and making the fact they adopted children who were abused, or lived in horrible situation around the world as some kind of thing we do just to gain admiration.

Of course, while they busy themselves attacking our War Hero's and write that they needed to adopt children in order to advance their political careers in their own country children suffer horrible things we just would Never allow in the United States.

I was personally horrified at several things I have dug up whilst I took a peek at their dirty situations. You sure won't find this kind of Horror in the United States--after all we are busy gathering up the children to give them better lives so we can look like Gods and run for President but apparently in some Modern countries they Don't even care about their own children while claiming we are terrible.

We may not have a perfect Foster Care System but can you believe this report:

New figures have revealed nearly one third of Aboriginal children under six years old in Western Australia state care have been shunted between guardians.

The figures, which were revealed in the Upper House of State Parliament last night, show about 150 children have had four different guardians or more.

In one case, a one-year-old child has had 16 different homes, while in another, a four-year-old has been moved 17 times.

The Opposition's spokeswoman for child protection, Robyn McSweeney, says the Department of Child Protection is being negligent in not providing stable environments for the children.

Notice that this report is talking about children under the age of 6 years old Not children who have grown up and been moved 16 or more times but children under the age of 6 years old! moving 16 or more times! We all know what this implies... Either really BAD Foster Parents or children who have very horrible needs that are not being addressed either way it is Sick.

If that happened in the United States there would be a riot! We have worked years and passed many laws to prevent children from being Left in Foster Care any longer then possible and if any state had children being moved that much before the age of 6 there would be some action and we just wouldn't allow this to happen!

Poor little babies...

I have a hard time understanding how someone could point a finger at a War Hero and say he adopted children to become President in a different country yet sit by and watch this kind of horror go on right under their own nose. Too bad John McCain is getting a bit to old to go over and actually help the children in a country where at least one blogger I know spends all her time sniffing our rear-ends and trying to make our country her business...

Can't wait to write more about the Horrible things I am learning about the way other countries treat their children. Personally, if I lived in Australia I wouldn't have time to blog about how I hated adoptive parents and what I think America should do I would be too busy demanding that these little babies were actually being cared for rather than shuttled from one home to another 16 times before age 6! The Last thing on my mind would be what God Like people adoptive parents try to make themselves least we don't look like a bunch of selfish people bawling about being adopted when there are children who need care and governments that fail their own.

I guess some people can only think of themselves and if they look hard enough they can find something to rip up about someone else... I can't wait to post more of the dirt I find about someplace not in my own back yard what a refreshing break!

When You Attack me I can let it go as something personal but when people from other countries spend their free time attacking my Country well that's when I get dirty. This really should be fun!

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