Tuesday, June 17, 2008

John McCain and Adoption: Part 2

To my readers in far away lands I hardly think that Dadmag.com is the place a man might promote his run for election as the President when there is CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS and just about any other media outlet that would love to run with this story. It would be a bigger way for him to let us all know he thinks the adoption of his daughter is a thing we should consider when we cast our votes.

Not sure there are too many people who have as many platforms to make themselves look like something special in order to get a vote. Everyday it seems the News is trickling down to those of us who never heard this news until long after it would have been his best card. Gee--It's June and the primaries are over you would think if the act of loving a child was a great way to win he would have been beating that fact into our faces months ago.

The Discovery of this Fact seems to be isolated to the Internet and hardly in a huge way. Those of us who have been writing about adoption seem to just be hearing the News. Today, I found This Blog as another example of just how much Senator John McCain has "Used" his adoptive parent status to win our votes.

I just love how some people from the other side of the Earth think that we have all been in Awe of his decision to adopt a child! Funny that only those people around the world seem to think:

If you never thought that Politics and Adoption were related or that Adoption was in Politics then I'm about to change your mind.
Q. Whats worse than a Me me me Self entitled person wanting a baby ?

A. A politician that uses the Adoption of a BLACK Baby Girl to garner support?

Of course, I find it rather funny that the way this blogger even found this information out was by reading the Blog written by another Adoptive Parent who was just finding this news out themselves. Jeanette Moll on Zanesville just posted this on June 15:

I have heard of John McCain for years but not the story of his youngest daughter. I believe it adds dimension and comprehension of who he is. I commend he and his wife for making a difference, one child at a time.

Seems we are all just discovering this Fact. Which to be honest surprises me considering every other President I have known has paraded their child or children in front of the Media in order to let us all know they are parents. The other candidate has had his children in the Media over and over, I think one of his little girls has even stood up and spoken at some point... They really are cute little girls and any parent should be proud of how well they have done in the Spotlight.

But, add Adoption to the equation and some people seem to think a presidential candidate should do the very thing so many Adopted Adults claim caused them pain and caused them to feel Not Included. Too bad the fact we are all just finding out has nothing to do with the fact that a little girl was adopted and everything to do with people saying junk like this:

The adoption of a Black Baby from The pits of Bangladesh is what this is about. Because for some reason people think that adopting a child puts you on the status as GOD. Its all just Politics. Its all just Bulls**t--And it Makes me want to heave!

So, lets all be sure we Do Not Treat an adopted child as all the other President's children have been treated--after all it was only because he wanted to be President and this would look good on his resume! I guess even the angry adult adoptees want us to treat our adopted children as if they are not a part of the family... Can't win for losing when it comes to Anger I suppose?

I just wonder when someone is going to accuse the McCain's of adopting a child of a different race as just another way to "Play the Race Card" I think John McCain should pick Hillary to be Vice then in One quick election we can have leadership that represents, The Oldest Man to be elected as president, with the First Lady as Vice and a multicultural family! Wow wouldn't that be History! Oh, the ways that Senator McCain could actually make himself Look Like something Amazing! I wonder if he even knows how much he could use to be the Man we all want to lead?

The problem for me is that I really didn't want to Like Him for President but, his honor is making that a little difficult for me right now.

If you read the Comment left by Marley Greiner on the Anti-Adoption blog Some people actually think they know everything.

...many adoption policies are state matters, a few, such as record access are not. The federal government is very much involved in policy. The Adoption and Safe Families Act, The Indian Child Welfare Act and the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act are hardly "guidelines." Federal funding to subsidize and bonusize foster care and permanent placement are one of the chief causes of foster care corruption. The child welfare system, largely funded by the feds is the civilian arm of the police using threats and
intimidation to scare parents into submission to the government.

I guess that is why in Western Australia they seem to think it's a good thing to move a child under the age of 6 between 16 different foster homes! I find it interesting that our system is so horrible that at least we TRY to do something to make a difference. Bill Clinton is the one who passed the Adoption and Safe Families act of 1996 and as flawed as some things have turned out to be at least Someone has given a care about the Children in Foster Care and looked for some way to Not allow children to be moved that many times... Not sure why people with bigger problems then ours seem to point at the US as the people who only adopt children to make us President!

I found the interview with Dadmag.org interesting

Dadmag: You have co-sponsored legislation in the Senate
to streamline the process.

McCain: Yes, but it is largely a state responsibility. We have tried to encourage the states to review their adoption procedures. We can not do much at the federal level.

Marley Greiner clearly has no clue about much of anything considering it is actually the STATES who determine the Open Records issues and Not the Federal Government. I should know, I worked very hard to see it passed in Oregon for my ex-husband and our children as I actually very much support the right to have an original birth certificate!

It's just sad when you see people on an mission twist the facts and act like they know everything Just because they use a few examples of something they don't even have accurate! I'm sure this writer would rather see our children linger in Foster Care and be moved 16 times before the age of 6! After all the mission is to Abolish Adoption so--everything is a target to be used for propaganda!

In the DadMag.org interview Senator McCain was directly asked about the process of adoption:

Dadmag: You had to go through an extraordinary process to adopt Bridget. A very intrusive process by the bureaucrats. They came to your home and rifled through your drawers. According to what I've read, adoption agency officials even asked about your sex life.

McCain: They were very intrusive. Unfortunately it is a disincentive to some parents because it's so much easier to go overseas. And that leaves us, in this country, with thousands of children who want parents and thousands of parents who want children. One of the goals I've had for a long time is to try to encourage a much less convoluted process in order for parents to adopt a child.

Dadmag: Is this necessary or is it just the bureaucracy gone a little mad?

McCain: A little of both. They want to make sure that those who want to adopt are fit to do so. I think sometimes bureaucrats stretch it out for fear of getting in trouble or getting something wrong. And I also think that there are state laws, probably the result of some bad things having taken place, that are legislative overreactions. I just wish that every state would review their laws concerning the process of adoption, to expedite it but at the same time protect the child.

I didn't realize that as Marley Greiner put it our president had so much power!

There is no doubt in my mind that if McCain became president that adoption would come under further control of the globalist-neocon-evangelical axis in Washington.
Of course, it is a little easier to see what the problem is for some people the fact that feel such a loss is not about their Mothers--but, possible about their missing Heavenly Father? Since it's clear the thing they hate at least as much as adoption is anyone who believes that Jesus asked us to take care of the children.

It's sad to see that the missing hole is filled with so much anger that child abuse is skyrocketing right under the nose of some people who only want to destroy the very thing that might help some of the children being shifted from one home to another. But, I get it now since the only important thing to those who have no faith is themselves... it all makes since to me somehow after all why bother to care about little children when on a mission to satisfy your own needs. I might expect this kind of thing from the average 12 year old adopted child as a part of their processing what adoption has been for their lives but, at some point one would think a child might grow up and see the children suffering right around them...

I have just decided to add this education right next to the warning I read in the Bible about the Christians being attacked as a sign of the end times... or at least a sign of another part of history about something along the same lines.

The really hysterical part in the comment is that our government is some kind of extension of the Police threatening parents... Tell that to Number 2 and 3 of 5 or 6 babies all born drug and alcohol effected and moved to a permanent home in less then a year in foster care thanks to the Adoption and Safe Families Act and a few good Christians who are wallowing around in the trauma's they suffered as children and decided to make sure a few of the 120,000 had a place to go for Christmas when they grow up and hopefully prove the cycle for at least one family might be changed.

Like the police had any power to make a mother submit enough to not cause forever brain damage and all the other horrible things those of us who adopt children from foster care understand. If being pregnant with a baby isn't enough to care I think there are a plenty of us who understand that the police and government are not going to make much difference in that plot-line. Which is exactly why the Adoption and Safe Families Act - ASFA also mandated relative placement searches, thus offering every member directly related or married into or 4th cousin removed three times the chance to keep their families together...and at the same time discover a little more about the chance of a power grab taking place...

If the government could EVER find a way to Police the mothers of our abused, drug and alcohol damaged children into submission and be Just Scared enough to actually not allow this to happen to their children I would be the first to jump in and say--Hell Yeah lets go!

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  1. Please leave me out of your quarrel with Adopted Jane. I don't know what your problem with her is, but I'm not part of it All I did was comment on your comment about your support for a corporate socialist presidential candidate. I was in a hurry and transposed what I meant to say. Which was, "many adoption policies are federal matters, a few, such as record access are not. The federal government is very much involved in policy and law. Adoption, is in fact, a very federally mobbed up social practice thanks to do-gooders and social engineers.

    I certainly do know that records access is a state matter. I'm executive chair of Bastard Nation, the largest adoptee civil rights organization. Measure 58, which you say you worked for was our ballot initiative. We have opened records in Alabama and New Hampshire, too.

  2. What I find interesting is that this is the FIRST time he has ever had an image of his daughter used. we never see her otherwise. So, why now? To help him with his campaign? Sure. So, in this case, adoption becomes politics.

  3. If this were happening during the Primary when it looked as if he was running out of money and didn't have a chance I would see it as Political.

    I also wonder if there would be more backlash if he did not mention his adoption since every president in history has had their children made part of the story and paraded them around. Would we be angry in Novemeber to learn that he had forgotten his little girl--As an equal member of the family. ?

    Thanks for your comment--Anna

  4. To: Marley (comment #1)

    I didn't change your words in my quote perhaps as most of us do you had a typo.

    It would be wonderful to leave AdoptedJane alone however, her constant visits leave little links in my tracking system and it's clear she is the one who is dealing with some issues.

    As an Adoptive Parent and the Mother of children with an adopted father I have always supported the issue of knowing the full and true story. My adult children are impacted as well as their father by adoption and the lack of information was always a difficult issue not only for them, but for me who had nothing to put on that side of the Medical Histoy Information for my two children.

    I really am not the enemy that some might want to make any adoptive parent. I shouldn't even be a target of your efforts as my children were not adopted new borns or international adopted babies. They are children who were abused before they were born and Frankly needed someone who just Loved them enough to care.

    If adoption was the only way that could happen then that is not my problem. I have a life to share, time and love to give and all the money in the world to support at least another 10 children. I adopted my children after my biological children were rasied because someone Needs to Care about the 120,000 children No One loves enough to care.

    I wouldn't care how I was titled in this position call me, "Hey You--lady that love me--or whatever" my effort to love children didn't need to have the word Mommy Attached but, that is how the system works and the only REAL WAY people like me can actually Change the Future of a Child with the ability to have that last until I die.

    Original Birth Certificates don't bug me--and it was never required that I obtain any specific Title to do my part in some way to take care of children who need someone on their side for a very very long time.

    I was not interested in taking this role if someone else had the power to Make A Change the children I loved would find even more emotinally damaging. I choose to be someone committed until I had no heartbeat to feel for them left.


  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    You peole will never give the guy a break...your Obamamania won't let you...this is the first time i hear anything about the McCain adoption and I watch the new ALL THE TIME...where is he using her? The media won't give him the time of day anyway...too busy rooting for Obama...when a conservative talks about adoption, he's using it for political gain, when a liberal or stupid celebrity does it (Ex Angelina & Madonna), they are practically saints...GIVE ME A BREAK!

  6. I have just travled across the country been in air ports, and visiting with so many family members we don't try to count and so far NOT ONE person I have asked even has a clue that Senator McCain is an adoptive parent.

    Not ONE!

    The most common answer I hear is, "Wow-I had no idea when did I miss that fact? Funny but, I know the names of every other president's children and the names of Obama's daughters but had No Clue Senator John McCain was an adoptive parent..."


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