Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Someone called me an Expert?

As a writer--especially an Internet writer I have learned to accept that other people believe they have the right to use my words and post them on their websites. I have found a number of website owners and bloggers who feel it is perfectly acceptable to "Copy" and "Paste" full articles I have written and publish them as their own "Content." Some of these people go so far as to believe that as long as they leave my byline alone and link to the original publication of my words that I should be happy... I am Not Happy about being Plagiarized and giving me credit does not pay me for my hard work. I am especially annoyed by...

Website owners and people who blog that plagiarize work I did for a company that did pay me and asked me to sign a non-compete agreement. Some of these people stealing my words don't seem to understand that is some cases they are not even owned by me anymore. I find it very frustrating to see someone using words on their website--that I have sold and cannot even use on my own website!

The theft of my work sold and paid for requires the frequent need to report the work I have found stolen and published to those people who paid me for the words I wrote for them--and agreed I would not use in any other way. I was after all paid under the terms of a contract for which I am obligated to honor--apparently, Content Thieves don't get that part.

As much as plagiarism annoys me I have found a NEW twist to the abuse of words I have written and This Time I don't know if I should feel honored or just laugh! Based on some of my writing (I even know exactly what and where it was originally published) a magazine has decided to give me the title of "Expert"


Now that it is in writing I have decided to print off about 100 copies and make sure to give it to everyone I know--after all I am an Expert Now...It says so in an article published in some magazine!

My best advice is to use the gift of time. Take time for yourself. Discover who you are, maybe with the help of a counsellor. Expert Anna Glendenning advises waiting two months for each year that you were married...

You don't believe ME? well here is the Link: OneUp magazine It appears to be a rather large Magazine and the part that calls me an EXPERT is on page 30 (out of 68 so front of the magazine).

Of course, the mention of my name and the fact that I am an expert is interesting--especially since the article on page 30 Marriage on the rebound by Ruth Martin doesn't actually say what I am supposedly an expert about... Just that I am an Expert!

The interesting part is that I don't ever recall getting that degree or using that title... In fact, I have never once listed "Expert" on my resume or in my member profile... I suppose I can add it now since someone named Ruth Martin has decided that I am...even though she has called me this based on something I wrote...

Marriage After Divorcein a Blog for published on February 21, 2006 long before the publication date of my being an Expert quoted in OneUp Magazine publication date July 2007...

What I wrote in fact said:

The best advice I had following my failed 14-year marriage was to give myself time before dating again. During my divorce, I found a counselor to help me sort my feelings out and make better choices for my future. I was advised to wait at least two months for each year of my divorced relationship, to allow myself to heal and think clearly.

This is sloppy writing and it would be nice if those who like my idea or a few words I put together would First, quote me correctly and second not crown me with imaginary titles to make my stolen words and thoughts sound a little better simply for the lack of an interview.

I would think a quick email asking for my expert advice or if I could be quoted in someone else's writing, would have been nice. This writer however, not only wanted to use the idea of words I wrote but told her readers they were words of my expert advice... Problem is that it was Not My Expert advice that was being quoted--but, that of my counselors who is actually and expert...

It is always amazing what I manage to find out about myself with some of the interesting searches... I wish I had spotted this when it was first published as I could have used the Title and Crown as an Expert so many times during the past year!

If anyone is interested in Stopping Internet Plagiarism Please feel free to contact the publication that has taken privilege with my words--and apparently with the truth of my own story!

OneUp magazine
PO Box 9449
Earls Colne

Tel: 01787 223557

Editor: Jenny Shelley

I wonder if they give out any of those really Cool Website Logo's that Say I won a Prize? I would really like the cute one that say, "OneUp Expert".... maybe I can just steal their Logo and make a prize button of my own.... I mean how many people are called Experts?

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