Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What is this Blog all about?

If anyone has read the beginning of this blog it might appear to be raw--and not well organized. Something that I do go back and tweak a bit from time to time. This blog didn't start as any grand project--nor was it ever written to attract attention, fame or even the occasional income opportunity.

This blog was started when in the matter of an instant I became the mother of two children...who were born to another mother...

It is getting close to my 9th wedding anniversary to my Real Husband I call him this because I have had another husband. They are not at all the same not in any way and the fact I needed to find My Real Husband should say enough about the First One.

It is getting close to the 6th anniversary of the day I met my youngest children--all of my children are Real in every way.

This blog starts after the long journey of being approved with a full home study to be considered a mother deserving enough to be the Real Mother of another mother's children. This blog starts the day I first saw my children, the moment I heard their voice and is but a small peek into our lives...

For a little while this blog was just about documentation of "things" that I needed to remember--and even more important needed to document. It might be true that very soon I go back over old posts to decided if what was written is what I want to be left behind.

What this Blog has transformed into is what I hope might be seen as my primary hope and dream--Making New Memories with those I love and those who love me back, or at least are trying to do their best by the definition of love as they understand it.

This is my effort to show that even in the midst of my own troubles, complications and over the top situations that there is ALWAYS some time in the day (or week) to STOP and put aside the Issues and make a New Memory for our family to keep... Even if under it all we struggle with unbelievable issues helping children grow up to feel love, have memories, and overcome the strikes against them.

Even between the Groundings for steeling--or the nights of fits and rages it's possible to pull out the camera and find a smile in the view... Even if the world is huge and the issues are deep--it is possible to pause one moment and snap a picture of a glowing face...even if that face glows because it has been screaming.

It is possible to be the REAL mother and REAL wife of REAL People and face the hardships of our own lives and take one moment to make a New Memory... little or small memories... for me the things I wish to give my family the most is a Memory of me that is a smile and glows in their hearts long after I die... even if the glow they saw was from a mother's eyes that had just been crying...

My hope is that the good memories outweigh those which are part of the struggles we face everyday.


  1. I am a mother of a child of another woman as well. let's start a club, we'll get tee-shirts!

  2. ahhh T-Shirts! oh, but you know that would be so very politically incorrect! :) !

  3. I know the good memories will outweigh the bad:)


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