Saturday, September 13, 2008

The end of the second week back to school

Another school year starts and the writing is already on the wall! The 5th grade is going to turn out just like all the rest of the grades--and there will be a big transition during the middle of everything for Makala...

I have decided that it looks like it's time to have more then the "consultation" with the Attorney and now it's time to pay the big fat retainer fee!

I have learned that when dealing with the "systems" the title "Parent" is just another term for "Idiot pains in the Neck" to those managing the "system." And, if you are not the average idiot parent you will be treated like one anyway.

Please tell me what Brilliant and well meaning educator came up with the plan that placing a 10 year old girl with Reactive Attachment Disorder -- RAD (Disinhibited Type), Alcohol Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder -- ARND, a history of being sexually abused and repeated inappropriate behaviors, with inappropriate facial expressions and "non-ordinary" reactions into a school as the ONLY GIRL...

Yes--the Only Girl! In the WHOLE Public School Day Treatment School with ALL Boys ages 5-18?

The ONLY Girl at the day treatment school with Nothing but naughty behavior problem boys... The kind who get picked up AT SCHOOL by the police for REAL CRIMES...

Of course, the children are ALWAYS Supervised.... by a bunch of Liberals who don't even have a clue about the implications of some of the liberal philosophies. Especially as they might apply to an outgoing, cute and desperate to have friends little girl... with brain damage, attachment issues and a history of neglect and abuse....

The best our Public School district was able to offer for services was to Ship her out to the larger neighboring school district and place This Beautiful Little Girl into a school filled up with nothing but a bunch of perverted hoodlums, and liberal supervisors....


The Fact of the matter is that My little girl gets off the "little bus" after school everyday acting like one of the gang... With a Bad-Kid Attitude and whatever New Ideas she learned by associating with NOTHING BUT BOYS WITH BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS!

Am I crazy or just one of the "Idiot Pain in the Neck Parents" to think someone has surely LOST THEIR MINDS TO ACTUALLY LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND TELL ME THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR MY DAUGHTER?

Sorry, and yes I am yelling!

It has been decided today that the Lawyer is going to get the big bucks because it's what OUR LITTLE Girl needs! We have played the "Parents are the best Advocates" game now for nearly 6 years and it is always the same. I am sick and tired of being the "Idiot Pain in the Neck Parent" and the next few years are far to critical to continue this game. I can't believe these people can actually hold a straight face when they tell me this is the "right placement" for my daughter's needs...

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Hi Anna,

    been there, done that, didn't help much... hope things go better for you

    Now some reason him getting arrested himself seemed to help

    Oddly, I was thinking about this today, it was easier to get him out of felony charges then into a good school placement...



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