Sunday, November 09, 2008

Silver linings

I believe that when the dust settles everything happens for a reason. I am also still clinging to the notion that God won't give me more then I can deal with...

After our recent "crisis" at home our family has "rebounded" to a new normal and we are working out the "long-term" issue, plans and goals. As tired as we are when things settle down it's easier to face the future.

The odd thing I have noticed in my life is that when I become too consumed by ONE of my life problems--God has a way of distracting me with something else.

So, the events of this past week shouldn't much surprise me!

It seems there has been a HUGE problem with the server hosting my Actual Website--the one I have worked hard for three years! It appears all of the Files that Make the site Show Up were "deleted" from the server--leaving behind all the "content" but not much way to find it all without the files connecting it together and showing it on the Internet.

Needless to say, I have been in a stooper. Dealing with this NOT Life and Death drama and fitting in the catastrophe between the worry of parenting a child in crisis. I am amazed I have not curled up in a ball and just twitched for a few days... Maybe I will when all the dust settles?

So here I am at a crossroads--with several sets of Problems to manage and overcome. In my personal and family life coming to terms with those things we can't control and making decisions for the best interests of everyone. At the same time "personal-professional" devastation!

The silver lining--is that the events of the past few weeks have offered both our family and my work with the website a Clean Slate and a chance to re-think how things have been put together...

At this time Anna is not in a panic, nor crying but instead looking for the Right New Way to put things together and sometimes it's not so bad to need to look for the New Right Way to do things....


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Well Anna I could scream because I feel like 3 years of my life have been erased... but then I am kind of happy they are in a way.

    I hope you and your daughter are doing fine. I hope whatever happend she is still a part of your life. I hope those wicked SWs did not win by not helping.

    I hope it gets back up. You and Wayward Radish are really all that is out there on the web speaking up against RAD therapy... or letting others speak out about it. I still feel that needs to be out there. I wish someone was doing that for me before we became involved in it.


  2. I could scream too... actually I have and cried!

    Now that I am getting over the shock I agree I am happy---in a way!

    A new start--sort of! The good news is that starting over means I don't have to keep looking for What needs Fixed!

  3. Anonymous3:14 PM

    are our forums gone?

    I guess that is good to. God's Plan, no really....

    my girls didn't like all the stuff just out there.. I guess I can't blame them


  4. Here's the deal--all of the database (which includes all of the post content) it still on the server and I CAN SEE It... The problem is that the files connecting it all and telling it to show up are "accidentally deleted"

    Usually I back these files up very often--the problem is that I paid a programmer (a lot of money) to fix up some problems -- which he had just completed 2-days before. AND I was getting ready for him to do the last few things...

    For some odd reason I didn't think about backing "That" part of the site up.

    When we lost the files--it isn't that I don't have back-ups the problem is that the back-up I have didn't have the "changed" files from the work that was just completed.

    Since I had completely tested the work that was done and it was all good--the programmer didn't have a reason to keep the back-ups he had done because the work was approved. So he deleted his back-up since he can't keep back ups for all the work he does.

    So---it's there everything is on the server we just don't have a way to show it. My husband says that with about a Million Hours he might be able to backward engineer and get things running--or might not.

    I am KEEPING the database and can go in an Get things if needed or wanted. Just in case we figure it out.

    We already knew that we had to "change" the forum and were getting ready to "migrate" to a forum program that Actually Works rather then the one that has Not worked since April....

    In all honesty I have had my moments when I have been glad I "have control" because as time passes sometimes I do read something I have posted and wish I hadn't...

    I think that in the end everyone will like the plans we have in mind and get far more out of it...

    ....anyway thats the long short story...


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