Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanks to the Clark County 911 Dispatcher I Called! NOT!

Now that we have used all of the Clark County Mental Health Services and basically been told there isn't really Anything Anyone can or will do to help children with Mental Health problems beyond what has been offered and used, and used and used. We were getting used to the fact that we are alone in this situation.

When I have begged an answer as to "WHAT" I should do when things are NOT SAFE at home, in public or for the worse--ongoing been a problem since 2004--issue of being attacked while I drive the car I have been told I should Call 911. It's even Printed on the Center Page, of the Consumer and Family Handbook, A Guide to Public Mental Health Services to Call 911 in a situation where Safety is an issue.

I have always done my best to avoid the need to call 911... I mean, it really shouldn't require the police to protect a family and the citizens from an out-of-control child. Parents really should be able to control their children well enough to drive a car at least!

Not always the case. Especially, when a mother informs her daughter that because she decided to Leave the house and Yard without permission unfortunately it was going to result in a consequence. Especially, when we have an appointment for tutoring because Mom has never had a moment of peace and couldn't teach a 7 year old his ABC's due to the constant 6-years of out-of-control behaviors making it impossible to even think about anyone other then ONE PERSON.

I should have just Let her Break the Rule I suppose? Let her do as she pleases and get away with anything she wants. After all, it's unreasonable of a mother to even suggest a consequence for a behavior that has been repeatable an issue and something that isn't permitted. Like walking away from the home without permission! I should have picked my battles the Therapists will tell me! Why push her buttons and Cause a Negative reaction? I should have smiled and talked to her like I did the first 250 times she broke the same rule! And besides--what's the big deal about walking down the block. Not that there ARE any Level-3 Sex Predators listed on the State Website of anything Right? There are just down the block believe it or not.

My 11 year old daughter should be allowed to go as she pleases and I should most certainly Pick my Battles. It's not like in a few years or less walking away without permission isn't going to turn into Whatever Other thing she decides she should be able to do! I'm sure I should pick my battles then too! Or when I find something illegal or when she disappears for however long.

Anyway, we barely didn't even make it to the tutors (because of the violence in the car) 15 minutes late. After all the tutor isn't All about HER so now she has decided to do what she can to make us late, like leaving the yard just before it's time to go and then assaulting me while I drive. Making death threats to me and her brother, spitting on us and throwing things at us as the car drives to the appointment that's not For her. She demands I should leave her at home so she can steal everything I don't have locked up, call everyone who ever gave her their phone number 38 times, or as she suggested today, walk to a friends house. I wonder which friend because our phone doesn't ring at all with anyone asking for her?

I should just Pick my Battles. And now she has decided to make it impossible and unsafe for someone else we pay $20.00 an hour to help her brother learn his ABC's! It wouldn't matter if the timing were later--Dad has been advised to NEVER be alone with her... and he has enough to do in life doing everything he does and 3/4 of what I should! I get no time with her brother anyway--why should I even think I could drive him someplace to learn what I can't teach him? Why should it Always be Daddy who is left to take care of my little boy?

Hearing him cry the whole way that he didn't feel safe in the car... with Real terror in his eyes because when his sister says she is going to do something she usually does. She said she was going to kill us both more then once on the way. But, we got there and he went in.

I got her clam and took authority, put her in her place and made it perfectly clear I would call 911 if she EVER did any of this behavior again while I was driving the car.

When he came out I decided to put him in the Front Seat and risk the air bags or the ticket I might get. She was in the far back seat of the van. When she saw this Again she was Angry--I should have put her there where she could grab the steering wheel while I was driving like she did in dad's pick up before we made the rule she can ride in the truck. NOT! So, I put him there to feel safe and just in case.

She got out of her belt, opened the van door while I was driving to the corner... I didn't stop so she did shut it. She tried again at the stop light and I told her if she got out I would just drive away and call 911--she shut it. Started the other stuff kicking the seat while I drove--jumping around while the car was moving--tossing things at me--and threatening to kill us, pop her brother's basked ball from the Harlem Globetrotter's.

Completely out of control--Doing Exactly the same things that landed her in the VERY First Psych Hospital stay in 2004! So, I pulled off and did call 911! Finally, Brave enough to actually call when it was a crisis I really couldn't handle... For 4 minutes and 50 seconds begging for someone to help!

I was told No.

I was told that an officer would not come and help me. I was told so what if I sat there all night until it was safe. I was told again--sorry, lady but we don't give a crap about Crazy out of Control Children or there Parents. And Again I was told We are on our own and No One Cares!

So, tomorrow I will have to tell all the people who told me to call 911 that the Police don't have any answers either and that they need to take the page out of the handbook I was given and stop telling me to do things that No One Cares about when I do! Its not a police problem... The Crisis line can only offer Adults Help, and our great mental health services providers all go home from work leaving the operator to tell me to call in the morning! I can't even take this Child to the Hospital for Crisis Mental Health Services in this State because they don't have anyplace to keep children!

I hope everyone wants this kind of treatment when they need Medical care with the soon to be Public Medical Health System we will all be paying taxes to have provided for us--for Free! I'm sure those services will be as Free as the so called Public Mental Health Services the children of the state of Washington Deserve! They may be even as Great as the Free 911 services was for me today! Wonder what it's going to be like when we start seeing people Die because all the Free Stuff Cares so much!

If anyone wants to Pretend the State of Washington is doing Anything Special for the children and former children from Foster Care by providing these wonderful Free Services then--it's all only on paper and because everyone Points to Some other agency or service No One really Knows what's actually happening! I never in a million years would have imagined this to be the wonderful services My Tax Dollars pay to provide. I could SAVE Washington a butt-load of money if they would just pay me to answer the Phones and give people nothing more then some Crazy Run Around that takes years to even figure Out! Why pay all these other people to do what I could do for $15.00 an hour!

How hard could it possibly be to tell people Washington Doesn't Care -- Deal with it lady it's your kid! HECK, I won't even charge $15.00 an hour to do that I will take minimum wadge since that's about what these Free Public services have been worth to our family!


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  1. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Hey Anna, so sorry to hear things are still going this way...

    When I called the police on an out of control kids (following THERAPIST instructions as well)

    they did show up, but did not do much, put down the sisters (my girls) ect... and me for laughing at the intake lady at one of several psy hosptials I called... I did not need to give this 5th one all the details, I just needed to know did she have a bed at all... then I'd give her the details (I still think at least in our state a person really, really in need of s psy stay could not make it throug all the hoops to get there and will land in jail)

    but that aside....

    I also totally agree about public health care... have you ever had to use public mental health? the dental clinic? I did for foster kids... THEY SUCK and TREAT you LIKE DOG CRAP.... (we literally had 4 appointments at mental health before the real appointment 5 months after first call for ASAP HELP.... one to see if the child had insurance coverage, one to go over paper work, one to review paper work, one to have paper explained by a person, and then the appointment with the therapist and she sucked... all appointments had to be during working hourse as they don't see people after hours (so you have to leave work, loose money) most other mental health providers see you after work...

    another time the dumb ass therapist at public mental health said all poor people have sex with their kids and the kids were sexually abused 7 more months by their birthparents until I was able to get them to the child abuse center when all the sudden, someone with a brain called the POLICE on the stupid social services... (Gee, I had told the stupid social services and the stupid public mental health people this all along... but apparently they think all poor people sexually abuse kids, so no big deal)

    and that is just a few examples...

    hang in there....



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