Saturday, January 26, 2013

I have an Announcement

I am excited to announce I am going to finish my Bachelor's Degree(s) and try to put my life experience and education to some value in this world. I was thrilled to death this week, when I went back to Portland Community College and discovered that all of my credits are still valid with only 20 remaining for the General Studies block transfer to Portland State University.

I was even more encouraged when I went to my pre-admissions meeting at PSU and discovered it is very simple today to attend classes and complete my degrees. By March 1st I should be duel enrolled and able to knock things out in a matter of time. I plan to get my Bachelor's in Social Work with either a minor or a duel Bachelor's in Psychology in 2 years or less. The ONLY reason it will take me this long, is the second language requirements. I am planning to take American Sign Language.

My hope, is to find a position with a non-profit or public agency supporting Parents of special needs children with a focus on children from foster care and or children affected by prenatal drug or alcohol. I feel my experience and education would be valuable in this area.

I did not plan to be returning to college at the age of 50, but realize that I will probably not be able to retire until I am 70 so when I look at it that way, I have decided I won't lose a thing by finishing my college education.

The best part is that I have already finished all the junk classes, and already paid for all the education I have to this point so, the rest will be fun and I should not end up with a huge debt in the end.

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