Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Complete Remodel -- Special Needs Style

The work has--mostly--been done for months and months now! It has just been one thing here, and a little thing there to finish up with. It all started with me and my brothers and this little house that I have been part of for nearly half of my life.

Not much, but it's always really been my home. Even with the dangerous and outdated electricity and plumbing problems we will not talk about... Even, knowing there must be something awful behind that wall... And while those two huge fireplaces were nice to have, the mess and spiders and Space they took up were not worth it.

We started almost exactly two years ago! Times flies when there is a life to live at the same time. And, nothing changed about the demands of being the mother of my kids... We had chaos for awhile, so they fit right in! It has been a very full past two years!

It all started when my brother Jamie, (or as he would like to be known Glenn) flew out from Illinois to spend then next 5-Weeks with me and our brother John with the intention of spending many thousands of dollars replacing every wire, every pipe, the sewer line, which also meant most of the walls would be cut, redone.

We started by removing both Fireplaces!!! There was at Least 50 square-feet of space taken up by both fire places.

The Back "Family Room" Fireplace

Today this Space Looks Like This:

If you don't notice the Fireplaces they are gone... 

It has taken a lot more to get the rest of the house done. I have hundreds of pictures of the whole ordeal! We completely remodeled the house, replaced every window, doubled the size of the kitchen, added a bathtub, moved the front door, replaced the garage door, all the doors inside and out..

I will write more and post more pictures as we get things all finished up. Just a few final touches inside and then we can officially say it is completely finished! 

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