Monday, March 11, 2013

Schools Day off for Budget Cuts

I do my best to keep politics out of my blogs and generally do not like to get into debate on the Internet about political issues. I suppose it's a lot to expect my government will make the same kinds of choices I have to make when I need to cut my budget. Usually, as a mother, when I have to cut my budget I choose to cut out those things that effect my family the least.

When I need to cut my costs I tend to buy ground beef instead of steak, learn to do my own fingernails instead of paying for them to be done. I set the thermostat down a few degrees, find fun things to do near home and focus on those things I can do that don't cost as much money. My children are growing and will need new clothes, hair cuts, shoes and socks... It would be foolish for me to think I should cut my costs in areas that effect my growing children. I can ware the same shoes another month or two, since my kids feet grew another size and we can't ignore that fact.

It seems however, that the Public Schools chose to cut their costs in a different way, and give all the kids another day off school!  Spring break is only 2 weeks away and My kids have today Off for an "Unpaid Budget Cut" This cracks me up because the only money being saved will be for those people being paid by the hour--certainly not those paid by salary! Unless, the pay checks actually, specifically doc the pay by one day? I would love to see proof of that!

Today, the bus drivers, lunch staff and those people paid hourly are all off work and not earning a pay check. And, the children are HOME with or without supervision because there is no school. I could think of a million ways to save some money that would Not have the impact that cutting random school days does on society.

I doubt cutting more school days really saves that much money, considering the majority of the staff responsible for being involved with my kids at the school are salary and paid anyway. To me cutting out the responsibility my children have to go and get a good education is irresponsible and teaching them the wrong priorities. For society I believe cutting school days is risky and leaves countless children without supervision today as I doubt the parents were given a day off to be home.

I do not have any answers, but I will say it is about time some priorities are set! It's very difficult to teach our children responsibility when they are not important enough to account for when the Big People need to save money. I am wondering how many other parents are caught off guard today--and did not realize it was Another Day without School?

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