Thursday, May 02, 2013

Blind Faith

By definition, blind faith is:

belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination.

My faith system is very strong, I don't need to write about the fact I have faith, and belief, without true understanding, perception or discrimination, in those things I have accepted, and hold as a part of my personal relationship with God. For me, that is where all my faith rests and I do not live on Blind Faith. I live on trust and my system of beliefs, and rituals, and all of that stuff.

I have found, in my lifetime the term, Blind faith, is somehow something we are simply expected to extend to other individuals. I am not sure, why or how it has become all wrapped-up in the relationships of love that we expect, today. It is absolutely true that a loving relationship will have faith between the people in the relationship. But, it sure as heck better not be blind. That's where we get hurt.

As a mother, as a person with values, and believer in Christ--who died for my sins--I know better than to put all my faith in another human being, blindly, and with an expectation of perfection. That is just not possible, not if I really have faith in what I claim I do. As a believer, I know another person will never be perfect, and that no matter how much faith I have, it will not change a person into perfection. 

Blind Faith, will not even help me become perfect.

I read so many post on forums, social networks, and in real life, from people hurt because they gave all their Faith to, or invested all Faith in, another person. Only to be hurt in the end. I have been guilty of this myself. 

For me personally, I have found it is best for me to keep the Faith stuff where it belongs--in Myself and with the beliefs I have. This does not mean my relationships with other's does not include a level of faith. For me it is about how I see the faith I have, and what that faith means to the other people in my life. Blind is definitely not part of the faith I have in life.

With my children, I have learned the best thing to do is teach the truth. Life, is long and there are many twists and turns. We all make mistakes, we all have a past, we all fail now and again. I place, my faith in the fact that all of these things I face in life, have a purpose. I hope my children learn, that even I have to stop once in awhile and say, "I made a mistake, I am sorry, this is how I have learned, and what I will do in the future..." 

Often, the best way we can teach our child, or show faith and love is to show them humility when we have made a mistake in life. These are the opportunities we have to show them How to react and overcome the mistakes they make every day in their lives. 

Faith is an important part of a relationship. When the Faith is properly placed it is what we should expect from our relationships with each other. Faith placed into another person and unrealistic expectations will always end in hurt. If Faith is an important part of your relationship then it has to be the faith you hold and value that is most important. 

I think there are many people, who do not actually understand what Faith in a relationship really means and mistakenly place that faith in each other, instead of where Faith generally implies it belongs.

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