Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Well, this morning will be my first meeting day at Jeremiah's class. It will be a hectic morning....9-10 in Makala's room and 10-11 in Jeremiah's!!!!

I cannot wait to discuss last night! For the life of me I do not know why this little boy is peeing on the floor--in the corner--right in front of the family--really sneaky!

Anyway--it is going to be a long morning and I hope I can get some good ideas.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Getting Ready for the BIG day!

I cannot help but to be excited about tomorrow! Jeremiah has been a complete turkey lately! This Day Treatment GIG is going to be just Swell!
I am not sure what I am going to do with all the free time.....oh heck who am I fooling--I know what I will do with MY free time!

But--really, I am planning to join Jenny Craig! Have you seen what's her face--Kristie ??? whatever it is.... The FAT ACTRESS (her title of her show---not me calling names) She has lost 50 pounds!!!!!!!!

I don't even need to lose that much! That is one step. The other is to get back into a work out! Man I have let myself go--and I need to get into shape because my back is killing me!
Then.....I will have time to mop the floor during the day--instead of at night after everyone is asleep! Yippee the simple Joy's of life!

Right now I have to run and get Jeremiah and then we have a meeting at the school at 1:30--then I have to stop off and get those Mouse ears from Melissa...and the store....and ...and...and...
Busy day!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Amazing Past Few Weeks!

Wow! What a difference!

The past few weeks have been fantastic I just cannot believe this is the same little girl! Day Treatment notes come home with a simple: Great DAY! Written and the case manager even let me off the hook for this weeks meeting because I wasn't feeling so great Wednesday morning (back pain)!

To top it all off Jeremiah starts next Thursday!

Which will not be soon enough as he has been a monster the past several weeks. When he was little he would often wake up during the middle of the night and play--but, It was like he was on some kind of mission. We recall one night after he got a little play Work Bench with all the tools, he spent HOURS in the middle of the night building and building. Anyway--the past several nights this behavior has returned! He seems completely driven and on some kind of mission and nothing will stop him...

Of course, the next morning is terrible and cranky! FOR Me and for him. He has also been very violent the last few days. For no real reason. He got mad because he didn't want ice cream--then he got mad because he did...then he got mad because it was Cold... ??? Ran over and for no reason pulled Makala's hair.... It seems like it has been one time-out after another around here.

Anyway--for completely selfish reasons I cannot wait until next Thursday! Not only will Jeremiah be getting the consistent message at school and help with dealing with some of the anger issues...But I GET a BREAK! Oh my Gosh! Every morning at 8:30 I kiss them goodbye--sending them to a very safe and therapeutic place--and every afternoon at 1:30 I kiss them hello! I have no idea what I will do with all my time?

Most likely keep working on the Website...It is starting to really look GREAT!

Friday, September 02, 2005


I have made it through the WEEK! Yeah!

Yesterday the Kids and I took off for the coast at right after Andrew left for work and got home with Moe's Clam Chowder right as he pulled in from the Job! We had a GREAT day at the Beach and fun at the Oregon Aquarium (which will never be the same after Kako left) Jeremiah got to see the Jelly Fish which was a big treat for him as he has become the number one Sponge Bob fan on earth. I still have NO Clue what a "Sea Bear" is but Andrew tells me it is a Fish with a Bear head that bites and the only thing worse is s Sea Rhino? HUH???? Jeremiah is terrified of "Sea Bears" and I still have no clue what one is?

Still talking about Jeremiah he is starting to be VERY Angry with being called a "Bull Frog" and covers his ears if anyone tries to Sing the Song to him. Yesterday he said he wants to have a different name and be called Andrew like his dad.... Just when I was getting used to the name Jeremiah! But I really don't blame him if one more person gives him a Frog I think I will have to get mad!

Makala has been doing very WELL this week! WOW and Great! Anything that has happened I classify as Normal 7 year old stuff! Which is exactly what I want "Normal 7 year old stuff" is all fine by me! I am so glad that things are on an even tone right now!

Just wish she was getting ready to return to regular school! I really have no idea how far behind she is at this point. I do hope she can catch up without too many issues...

We are waiting for the referral for the MRI and PET scan still! I plan to push this issue next week. I would really like to rule it in or out... soon!

Anyway that is all right now in my life... A normalish week and feeling much better--of course except that my back is acting up! But that is the way my life is...I always have some pain in the neck or another!

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