Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sorting is more important than decorating!

I must be an obsessive compulsive person when it comes to decorating and getting the house all pretty for the holidays. I have not figured out a way to get husbands or children to understand that all good things take time. Rome was not built in one day!

I would like to get everything out and place it "IN" the room it will be but not worry about where or how. The Kitchen and Family room are the Blue, silver and white room with Snowmen, Snow flakes and angles. The Dinning and Living room are the Red, Green and Gold rooms with Santa's, Reindeer, and other traditional holiday decorations. So I want to sort things out first, place them in the rooms they will be used in but, my family seems to be in a hurry to have the items placed where and how they will remain for the next month and a half!

Another pet peeve I have is this idea of getting the trees all decorated right this moment. I would like to put the lights on the tree and then look at it for awhile to be sure there are not to many or too few lights on the tree. Then any garland or wrap around things go on. Step back and look at it for awhile...Then if it all seems nice and good that is the time to start adding the ornaments. My family always wants to rush right to the decorating part and always wants to just get it all done. I want to move slow and make things look pretty every step of the way.

And then there are the "do gooders" those members of the family who cannot seem to keep out of my laundry no matter how many times I bicker with them about staying out of the laundry! When I wash the table cloths I do NOT plan to run them through the dryer! I want them damp and I want them ready for an iron, but every time I go to the washer to get out the table linen it is in the freaking dryer! DRY! Is it really that difficult to keep your hands off the laundry? Can't anyone in this house find a REAL way to be helpful, like maybe bringing in the lunch bag before I am looking every place for it only to discover it was not cleaned out the night before?

Well, at least it is still November and I can afford to be frustrated this morning. There will be No More Candles this season. We have had the fire department out twice this year and last night was almost the third time. I have not burned any candles since the two little ones joined our family nearly three years ago. Last night Makala went into the dining room to find the ornament hooks and a piece of paper fell on top of the one burning candle and of course it caught the rest of the papers on the desk on fire...and Andrew had to use the extinguisher and blow the powder all over the place! And of course that took at least an hour to clean up and of course, my computer keyboard was withing the over blow area and now my keys are sticky.

That and it is so cold we are sure to have snow in the next day or two!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday morning November 28, 2005

Fewer than 30 days until the big day! There is a lot to do today. Jeremiah has school this morning and will leave around 8:30 but Makala has no school today. So she and I are going to get her Christmas shopping done!

Another mother and daughter experience and memories to be made. The other day when I told Makala we were going to shop and that she could buy presents for the "first family members" she said something that gave me a glimpse into the way she thinks. She thought by "First Family" I meant the older children, and not her and Jeremiah. It sort of broke my heart but it also gave me another chance to let her know that ALL of My Children are my first family! Then yesterday Jeremiah actually thought and asked mommy why the older children have a different daddy?

It amazes me how young kids start to ask these kinds of questions! It has become very clear that Jeremiah does not remember his past life but, he does seem to be aware that "ADOPTION" means something to his life and he has even said, "Me dopted" I guess at least he will always understand this and that it will not come as a surprise. I imagine that his adoption related issues will come later when he actually starts to understand what this really means.

Our Traditionally Modern Christmas is getting underway very quickly! I got both little ones holiday outfits and they are soooooo cute! I think that next weekend is already St. Nickolas and things are really going to ramp up and get hectic.

This week the goals are:
1) Finish all the house decorations.
2) Have a Thursday Tupperware Party here for the Neighbors during the day.
3) Finish shopping and packing the Boxes of gifts that need to be mailed.
4) Dress the Kids up and go get some pictures.
5) Clean the house very well.
6) Find a Rod and Curtains for the Living Room Window.
7) Check the Thrift Store for RED and Burgundy dinner napkins.
8) Dollar store for Wine Bottle Gift Bags and other Holiday related stuff for the party.
9) Write (by hand) the Christmas Cards and Print out the Party invitations.
10) Make a doctor appointment to deal with my back pain.

Well this is all for this morning! I sure hope my day goes well and that I am able to get a lot done.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving

Typically this is the worst day of mess and disorder during the holiday season. The kitchen is still in recovery from the Thanksgiving Feast with the stray dish to be cleaned as leftovers run out. The holiday decorations are spread from one room to another in an attempt to pre-stage the master decoration process.

This year it looks like we have three major trees. The big one in the living room window will be for the children to have fun and decorate. The smaller one in the dinning room appears to be the fancy one this year but will be traditional red and green. And the Family room tree is my fave. It will be white, blue silver and gold and this year I am planning to have my dolls come out for the holiday! It has been a long time since my dolls have had Christmas and this year is a good one.

My dolls need to be out of the box now and then and they need dusted and their eyes need to open and close. They have been packed in the boxes now for about 3 or 4 years so it is time they make an appearance.

I sure wish we would have made an offer to buy the 100 year old house! There are so many things I could do with that house and the idea of an old house is so special to me. Too bad the seller wants more then the husband is willing to pay.

Anyway, The Sunday after Thanksgiving is all about house work and getting things cleaned up. I sure have my work cut out for me.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Traditionally Modern

When I was growing up there were still grandmothers who baked bread from scratch and families remembered all the words to the carols and told the stories of Christmas from their hearts. My older children were raised in the 80's and we didn't have two extra dimes to spend but somehow I was able to make some magic happen. The world is so different today so fast paced and busy it is hard to stop long enough to even think about making a new memory.

When I was little everyone had a live Christmas tree, some families even went and cut a live tree from a tree farm. It still happens today but, a new tradition is made every year when we teach the children how to properly open the branches on our artificial boxed tree we keep year to year. Maybe it is not the same memory I had as a child or even the same that the older kids experienced as little ones. But, our family has to make adjustments and new memories. Besides, it is far more environmentally friendly to use an artificial tree year after year...Isn't it?

A few days ago we had Thanksgiving dinner and it was one of the very best. It was at our house this year and my turkey turned out better then any I have ever made. My stuffing was a little wet I added an apple and I think that was just a bit too much. The table was so pretty with the china I bought last year from my Aunt Terries dear friend. It was absolutely beautiful and Makala made place cards for everyone. The kids table even had china and glass cups and the gaudy gold flat ware.

Usually I don't go out shopping the day after Thanksgiving because I am broke. But, this year I am using my credit card with a budget. I hope I don't go over--too much. I was able to get almost everything finished on Friday with a few minor things more to get. Seems that Jeremiah and Tori are on the short end of things right now.

Today we have been getting all the decorations out and trying to put things up and make things pretty. I love decorating for the holidays.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Life is starting to Feel Normal--Maybe?

I have thought twice about this entry. It seems whenever I say things are getting back to normal something happens which makes me eat those words.
But, I do have to say that it really seems things around our home are much more normal even with the typical behaviors of children age 3 and 7.

I don't expect any kind of perfection because as a parent I believe there is always something to be worried about or working to improve.

Day treatment is talking about moving Makala back to regular school after Spring Break. Originally the goal was to start the 3rd grade back in mainstream so this is a little sooner than the original goal.

Makala is having a difficult time finding other children she wants to interact with at day treatment. She is bugging the adults half to death and it is hard to NOT have compassion because over all Makala doesn't have much in common with the other children.

After Thanksgiving day treatment is expanding and there will be three class rooms with 9 children instead of 12. Makala's case manager is excited because she will move into the oldest group and he feels this change will be a great transition to her return to public school.
Of course, this past weekend was somewhat distressing. The children went shopping with dad and started to run around. Dad told them to stop and Makala Ran Off....bumped into Jeremiah and he fell and needed 10 stitches in his forehead...

It would not have been a horrible big deal because accidents happen. I talked with Makala and told her that we were lucky she bumped into Jeremiah and not some other child or old person. I also told her that she WAS NOT in trouble for the 'accident' part of what happened but she was in trouble for the fact she broke the rules she knew and didn't mind daddy.

The problem is that she just would not accept a consequence this weekend. She argued and had tantrums about everything that was designed to be a consequence. She was defiant about her plans being picked and told us both "No" and basically would NOT accept any consequence for her behavior.

I frankly believe this is Normal 7 year old stuff but I am glad we have the support of day treatment and cannot wait to find out how they handled this issue. Jeremiah is fine it hurts and he will have a scar but he will be fine.

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