Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lessons of Writing Good Things--Too Soon!

I actually knew better--but, don't believe in fate so know better about that too... I knew as I wrote the last blog here that my optimism is usually the calm before the storm!

This time it was a fact and it was a Storm that rocked our boat. Not our boat but our town and where there are no tornado's ordinarily there was one that touched our town... This picture is what I saw as not too far away it struck and ripped apart enough that families living in Washington State will remember that day for a long time. Seeing a tornado in the same distance as a volcano was an event I will not soon forget.
The children were at school which was put in lock down as soon as we were able to figure out what was actually happening. It was frightening for the children as in our neck of the woods Tornado's are not something we plan for... Even I had difficulty responding without panic, as I know what to do for fire, earthquake, volcano and even recall my little girl days and what to do if someone pushed the button and there was a Nuclear drill... But, Tornado--No!
My beautiful daughter did very well under the circumstances. However, during the lock down she was teased and harassed by several boys. It has been two weeks now and she is still off balance. We are not please at how her school has handled things. The gory details are well written about on my forum:
So, today I am just regrouping. It has been two-weeks since the tornado and hopefully soon I will have those happy words to write again!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Almost Don't Even Know How to Write Something Happy

Dare I even hope the last to few weeks could really be a glimpse of the future? The Good Lord knows this mother's heart has been filled with hope and confidence so many times before. I do not believe in fiat--or jinx's--or luck for that matter... I believe that everything happens for a reason.

It seems that during the past 5 Years since I became an adoptive mother--most often I have words to write of troubles, sorrow, and fear.... Today is Gottcha day, we do not celebrate as it is just a reminder of what she has lost...and that loss has eaten up far too much of all of these years. Besides we have all four of our birthdays between January 6 and February 2! WE don't have time to celebrate anything else...

Last year on this day I was in tears... I was in pain because our beautiful little girl was not living with us in our home... she was in residential treatment, over the river in another state. We celebrated all of our birthdays in a tiny-dirty visitation room filled with old broken toys and decks of cards with missing ones assigned to the joker.
In fact we have not had a Happy Holiday Season or family vacation since Gottcha day... is it actually possible we just have just experienced some kind of miracle?

I have written so many words of woe I almost don't even know how to write something Happy--or even normal. When life is so full of stress and turmoil it can be hard to believe Peace and Joy have sneaked into the room! I need a dictionary just to remember the Positive Words I used to find so easily!

This past Christmas was filled with COMPLETELY NORMAL child behaviors--reactions and Glee! Did I actually just write GLEE? I received the best gift I have ever received in all my life this year... A RAD child who appears to be responding to LIFE Appropriately!
It could be the change of medications we started in September.. It could be that maturity has made her less of a baby... It could be returning to School with the boundaries and supports in place has made a difference?

I am not caring what it is--I am enjoying this time in life! The past several weeks have just plain been Normal and really that's all this mother ever wanted for her family.

Friday, January 04, 2008

How Much $ for FASD?

This Link is interesting and outlines what the overall cost of FASD is to society and financially in general:

*FASD Center for Excellence:

"About the Cost of FAS
Very little data are available on the cost of FAS, and none were found for FAE, ARBD, or ARND. Many sources discuss the cost of substance abuse, but few specifically address FASD. The information found to date was developed from the 1980s to the mid-1990s. A search for more recent data primarily yields references or updates to earlier work.

Over 30 reports, articles, and other publications include references to the cost of FAS. More than 80 Internet sites also discuss the issue. Most cost information falls into two categories:
Total annual cost of FAS to the Nation
Lifetime cost of each child born with FAS
Some of the estimates use well-documented approaches that clearly describe the cost components and formulas used. Others provide no documentation at all. A limited amount of other national, State, and local cost information is available."


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

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